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Proposed Development Management Local Plan

The proposed Development Management Local Plan will contain the development policies that elaborate the Core Strategy. It will form the development plan which we will use to determine planning applications, together with the London Plan, the Core Strategy and other supplementary planning documents.

This evidence base was used to prepare Hackney's Local Development Framework. Some of the evidence base will be updated as work completes.

Current stage - hearing notification

An independent planning inspector, Simon Berkeley BA MA MRTPI, has now been appointed to conduct the examination of this local plan to determine whether it is sound.

The inspector has decided the dates that the hearings will take place and those participants who made representations seeking changes to the DMLP have been invited to participate. 

The hearing is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 24 September 2014, starting at 9am (and potentially continuing on Thursday 25 and Friday 26), at: 

The Assembly Room 1, Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street, E8 1EA. 

Access to Assembly Room 1 in the Town Hall is off Reading Lane, alternatively participants may ask for the Programme Officer (Andrea Copsey) at the Town Hall reception on extension 7749 on the day. 

Please note: A focussed hearing session on the Site Allocations Local Plan is scheduled to take place on 23 September 2014. For more details see Proposed Site Allocations Local Plan.    

Consultation - Local Plan Viability Assessment

The Council is currently consulting on an additional evidence base document - the Local Plan Viability Assessment - for the SALP and DMLP for a period of 6 weeks between 28 July 2014 and 8 September 2014.

The Local Plan Viability Assessment (PDF) tests the ability of a range of developments throughout the London Borough of Hackney to viably meet planning policy requirements of the Council. The study tests the cumulative impact of the Council's requirements, in line with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework and the Local Housing Delivery Group guidance "Viability Testing Local Plans: Advice for Planning Practitioners".

Examination papers

The inspector's examination documents:

The Council's examination documents

Programme Officer

The Programme Officer, Andrea Copsey works directly for the Planning Inspector and is responsible for the administration of the examinations and hearings. For information and correspondence about the examination please contact:

Programme Officer
London Borough of Hackney
2 Hillman Street
London E8 1FB
Tel: 07842643988

The key and supporting documents to the plan are available to view below.

Please note - Planning Inspector Simon Berkeley BA MA MRTPI will not be available between the 21 July and 29 August 2014. Please also see Proposed Site Allocations Local Plan.  

Previous stage - publication version (Regulation 19)

The proposed plan was amended, taking consultation responses into account and after an internal review following the Regulation 18 public participation.

Key documents

Supporting documents

Representations to public participation stage (Regulation 18)

There were around 400 representations from 68 different representors to the consultation document in July-September 2012. Since the consultation period we have been analysing the representations, and have met with internal and external individuals / organisations, including those who made representations. Where appropriate the plan has been amended, and an updated version has been produced for this publication stage (Regulation 19).

Previous stages

The draft plan underwent the first stage of public consultation (Regulation 18) in July-September 2012. See this version of the document and its supporting documents:

More information

Contact us if you need more information about the Local Development Frameork or proposed Development Management Local Plan:

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Page updated: 4 Aug 2014 

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