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Apprentice Profiles and Comments 

Phong Dang, Accountancy Assistant - Customer and Corporate Services Advance Apprentice 

Phong Dang    

I first started with Hackney through the Advantage Hackney scheme. The opportunity came along and I took it. I was on the scheme for five months before becoming an apprentice.

I successfully completed the terms of my apprenticeship scheme and I am now confirmed as a permanent member of staff.

Amrita Kaur, Accountancy Assistant - Neighbourhood and Regeneration Advance Apprentice 

Amrita Kaur    

This apprenticeship has made a major difference to my life. Along with working in a financial office, I am also able to gain a professionally recognised qualification. With these two qualities, I will be recognised by employers.

I have now been confirmed as a permanent member of staff at the Council and will be pursuing further qualifications in Finance.

Marcus Philip, Business Admin Apprentice - Team Hackney 

Marcus Philip    

This scheme has allowed me to learn about Hackney as a local authority.

The more effort I put in, the more knowledge I gain, putting me one step closer to my goals.

Kayleigh Stirling, Parks Gardener Apprentice - Community Services, (Parks) 

Kayleigh Stirling    

The apprenticeship scheme has offered me the invaluable opportunity to combine work experience with training and qualifications.

My time as an apprentice has been such an enjoyable experience. Getting this apprenticeship has been the perfect way to get onto a career path.

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Page updated: 4 May 2011 

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