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Archives guide part 11

22. Business records  

There are many references to business records in the archive subject index. Only substantial records have been included in the guide, which is divided into two sections, substantial collections and individual collections or single items.

Cross references to significant business references in other sections of the guide are given at the end. 

22.1 Large collections 

Abney Park Cemetery Company. Records 1840-1980 D/B/ABN

Burial registers 1840-1978 (two series) Complete except or Oct 1934-Jan 1936. Names indexes to each volume. Microfilm.

Articles of association and associated correspondence 1897, 1946; directors' minutes 1850-79; chairman's agenda books 1881-1843 (gaps); board minutes 1964; shareholder records 1899-1964; Secretary's letter books 1912-29; financial records including annual reports and accounts 1882-1956; staffing records 1895-1969; including list of officers, 1895, agreement on pay and conditions 1921-6 and wages books 1946-67; insurance and valuation records, (also for premises at Abney, Greenford and Chingford) 1910-65 correspondence on legal cases, creation, stone masons, war graves etc 1879-1968; registers of grave owners and maintenance c1850-1951 (gaps) private grave registers 1871-1913 (gaps); common grave registers 1866-1921 (gaps); plans of the Abney Park Cemetery c1845-1920; other premises records including plans 1905-80; misc correspondence 1898-1953.

Also administration records for the following cemeteries owned by the Company: Chingford Mount: report on layout, 1883; drainage specification, 1905; correspondence 1907-20 on land use and staffing matter; historical notes on the cemetery, c1926; accounting records 1892-1930 (including cash book for Hawthorne Estate); correspondence concerning removal of human remains etc 1937-73; fees and charges 1883-1956.

Hendon Park: draft reports on proposed sites 1896; purchase of Dollis Farm site: correspondence and layout of land etc 1898-1921; later correspondence on land use 1924-55; correspondence and contracts concerning layout of cemetery and maintenance, including construction and alterations to chapel, 1899-1955; general correspondence on cremation, history (including copy of published brochure, removal of human remains and photographs of chapel, crematorium and premises, 1902-55. Greenford: Correspondence concerning sale of site 

22. Business records 

22.1 Large Collections 

Abney Park Cemetery Company. Records 1840-1980

1901-02; fees and charges 1918, 1966; accounting records and burial certificates etc 1933-70; cutting on acquisition of cemetery by LB Ealing, 1967. 

Other cemeteries

: Report on Woodgrave cemetery and City and Tower Hamlets cemetery, 1927 with annual reports for both 1919-20 and correspondence concerning practices at  

Woodgrange Park Cemetery 1927, 1972-73; Articles of Association of Ilford Park Cemetery Co. 1913; correspondence on possible purchase of Becontree Cemetery with profit and loss account for United Cemeteries, 1932-22.

Published guides are included in the Hackney local collection. Records of Chingford Mount Cemetery are held by LB Waltham Forest, Vestry House Museum, title deeds for Hendon by LB Barnet Monuments Dept, burial registers by Hendon Cemetery. Title deeds for Greenford are held by LB Ealing Information Retrieval and the burial register at the LB Ealing Cemeteries Office.

William Bailey & Son, later Bailey & Sloper, furniture and looking glass makers of Curtain Road, Shoreditch


Leases and partnership deeds (for business premises and cottages in Downham Rd, Hackney), correspondence, family wills, apprentice indentures, trade cards, patents, certificate medals and photographs 1808-1922.

There is also an early 20th c trade catalogue from the company in the Local history library collection. 

Batey & Co, drinks manufacturers of Kingsland Rd Shoreditch


Reports of directors, balance sheets, stock records 1941-52;

Alabaster Joint Properties and estate of R.J.Alabaster, records 1938-56. 

22. Business records 

22.1 Large Collections Berger, Jenson and Nicholson, paint manufacturers of Homerton


and other locations. Records 1773-1986


The Berger Jenson and Nicholson collections were deposited in three groups by different depositors. All records are in the D/B/BER collection unless otherwise marked in brackets after the entry. 

Lewis Berger & Sons

Records prior to 1879; accounting records 1802-10; sales and letterbooks 1778-1843; production records 1815-1907; staff records 1831, 1868-97; property and premises records 1717-1861 (predating formation of company(; printed books on chemistry 1758-1807  

Also partnership deed and dissolution, 1816 (D/B/BJN) 

Lewis Berger & Sons Ltd

:directors minutes 1879-1960 incorporation records 1879-1920. Lewis Berger (Great Britain) Ltd minutes etc 1950-67. Berger House Ltd minutes  

1950-84; Berger group of companies group accounts and reports 1948-60. Shareholders and AGM reports 1926-70.

Other corporate records (concerning share capital and articles of association of group companies) 1883-1937

Also property and trust records 1809- 1938 (D/B/BJN) 

Berger Jenson & Nicholson

/BJN Paints: directors minutes, reports 1960-85 associated corporate records 1961-72.  

Also additional patents 1970, 1982-5 (D/B/BJN) 

Lewis Berger & Sons Ltd

: accounting records 1883-1935; trademark and production records 1888-1978 (includes recipe books); sales and marketing records (including correspondence with agent, catalogues, sales manuals) 1881-1897; staff records (including corporate directories) 1926-1984; advertising and public relations records (including press cuttings, chairman's speeches, house journals 1914-84; product history files c1950-84; exhibition and photographic records 1949-c70; video, c1980s; company histories and collected historical material 1898-1984); letterbooks, general correspondence and membership of associations 1881-1945; property and premises records (including property valuations)  

1878-1981; historical photographs of Homerton staff and management c1870-1910; miscellaneous objects (seals etc) 19th century.

Also: Report on factory re-organisation 1945-6; Berger catalogue 1960; structure for BJN Paints 1969 and photos of sporting events packers at Homerton, board meeting in Calcutta and Chadwell Heath site 1940s-1978 (D/B/BJH) 

22.1 Large Collections 

Berger Jenson and Nicholson Records of the following subsidiary companies

: Berger Traffic Markings Ltd 1947-72; Lewis Berger (Scotland) Ltd, 1940; Establishments Lewis Berger & Sons S.A. 1925; Lewis Berger & Sons of America Ltd 1899-1900; Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) Pty Ltd 1911-37; Lewis Berger & Sons (Ireland) Ltd 1936-37; Lewis Berger & Sons (New Zealand) Ltd 1931-37; Lewis Berger & Sons (South Africa) Ltd 1921-37; Sherwin-Williams (Ireland) Ltd 1935-38; Sherwin-Williams Co (New Zealand) Ltd 1935-37; Matex Ltd (later Similpiere Marble Products Ltd) 1920-70. Also: Wylie's Cleaners (later Berger Group Supplies) 1910-78  

Records of Jenson & Nicholson


Partnership deeds and articles 1859-1910; articles of association c1910 -1954; directors minutes 1924-41 1955-84; registers of directors interests and share records 1948-60; accounting records 1873-58; sales and production records 1848-68; staff and work study records 1929-71; trade mark records c1911-64; house magazines\ 1952-63 (gaps) premises records c1958-1986; company bible (details of subsidiary companies trade marks etc) c1952-71. 

Records of other absorbed companies:

John Hall & Sons (Bristol) Ltd: board minutes and corporate records c1930-41, 1966-83; accounting records 1797-99, 1938-40; advertising and house journals 1935-73; sales and marketing records 1938-55; wartime damage to Bristol property etc (photographs and description) 1940-45. Conrad W Schmidt (F A Glaeser) balance sheets 1877-1907. British Paints Ltd: board minutes and annual reports 1963-79; history files 1960-82; staff magazines 1949-59. Spelthorne Metals Ltd: memorandum of association 1925; accounts 1949-52; technical records 1925-49; corporate correspondence 1946-56. 

Also the records of the following absorbed companies 

(mostly minutes and articles of association): Aita Syndicate Ltd, 1911; Algray DIY Ltd 1972-83; Allen Davis (Wallpapers) Ltd 1967-84; Barnes & Sons (previously Ross & Co (Leeds) Ltd, 1913-83; Bristow, Wadley & Co Ltd, 1954-83; Building Supplies (Surbiton) 1945-48; John Carter ( Paints) Ltd 1953-84; H Chapell & Co (Est 1934) Ltd, 1930-65; Cardiff Glazing & Mirror Products Ltd 1946-51; C Clifford Ltd, 1954, 1960-84; Colorbrush Ltd 1925-60; Frank Hart & Co Ltd 1946-84; H C Hitchman Ltd 1938-52; Hogarth Taxis (Blackall) Ltd 1946; Ernest Hunter (Coxhoe) Ltd 1945-83; John Hunter Wallpaper Stores Ltd 1971-84; Direct Paints Ltd, 1970-84; Direct Paints (Luton) Ltd 1970-83; Harker, Sanders Ltd 1947-84; Keystone Paint & Varnish Co Ltd, 1941-59; Lindsley Wallpaper & Hardware Stores Ltd, 1947-59; The Loanings Property Co Ltd, 1960; MacGregor Wallcoverings Ltd, 1964-77; C A Martin & Sons Ltd 1939; P J Mott Gotobed Co Ltd 1961-83; P G W Holdings Ltd, 1966-72; Paintcol Ltd (formerly Peter Fisher( Scotland) Ltd), 1954-56; Pickels Garden Products Ltd (formerly Pickles (Paints) Ltd), 1966-84; W A Rose & Co Ltd, 1917-48; Ruddlesdens Ltd, 1966-84; J M Seed (Preston) Ltd, 1973-84; Sissons Paints (Eastern) Ltd, 1957; W Symonds Ltd 1931-64; Tomlinson Proctor Ltd 1957, Topdec LTD (formerly John Handland) Ltd, 160-84; Arthur Johnson (Trend) Ltd 1969-84; Trend (North West ) Ltd, 1970-84; Varden Laboratories Ltd 1941-84; P M Walker Ltd 1924-39; Waitell Wallpapers Ltd 1946-83; Western Wallpapers Ltd, 1946-66; G Widger & Sons Ltd 1952-83; J Yeomans Ltd 1950-57.

Also: trade album of Berger publicity material and catalogues M 4373 assembled by Jules Arnoux, a French agent for the company c1912. 

Bryant & May Ltd


Directors meeting minutes 1884-1947 (M) : general meeting minutes 1884-1960 (M)

Directors meeting: agenda book 1884, attendance books 1905-74; executive committee meeting minutes 1919-27; stockholders meeting minutes 1913-45; general meeting: notes 1901, 1950-52, notices 1918-35; attendance books 1885-1922; members: lists 1884-85; registers 1994-98; share: issue particulars 1885-86, prices and transfers diaries 1884-1902; shareholders papers 1899-1916; annual returns 1929, 1933, 1939; debenture stock papers 1884-1933; memo and articles of association 1884-1928; seal registers 1897-1959; partnership agreements 1851-63; Francis May: correspondence and accounts 1827-60; diary 1865-66, bank book 1878-80, papers 1840-62, history notes 1955; papers and correspondence: corporate 1870-1959, match making companies and subsidiaries 1884-1957; group conference papers 1968-70; annual reports and accounts 1884-1958, schedules and accounts 1902-63; account books 1852-82; private ledgers: 1884-1960, balances 1902-69; general ledgers: 1906, Fairfield 1915-53, Diamond

1913-51, Empire 1919-51, Mersey 1923-52, Leeds 1923-52, personal 1913-52, customers 1917-52, bad debts 1911-13, expenses 1920-52, journal 1952; summary ledger 1966-77; advertising ledgers 1900-74; private cash books 1902-68; directors financial statements 1901-40; profiteering accounts 1902-21; trading accounts analysis 1912-21; investment papers and accounts 1908-47; income tax papers 1901-40; subsidiaries balance sheets and financial papers 1949-60; sales: figures 1903-04, Irish figures 1938-44, papers 1895-1967; selling expenses schedules 1927-7; group marketing conference papers 1955-56; royal warrant papers 1912-55; travellers circular letters, price lists, papers etc 1901-59; advertising contracts correspondence 1937-67; marketing papers 1959-72; catalogues and price lists 1872-1940; handbills and advertising material including photographs 1865-c1970; exhibition: certificates 1864-71, papers 1953-72; census 1906-39; reports 1948-52; factory statements 1904-09, 1947-49, tin box department 1902-08, papers 1912-16; patent: books 1902-35, agreements, licences, specifications and papers 1855-1933; recipes: soap making 1856-62, matches 1856-62; production, machinery, transport and personnel photographs c1890-1956; book match label proofs and order books 1905-75; trade mark registers 1876-1979 premises papers 1893-1928; Fairfield Works: property papers 1870-1909, repair correspondence 1940-43, photographs c1895-1948; Empire Works photographs 1920-59, wage sheets 1952, photographs 1922-51; forestry estates: cash book 1965-68 photographs c1922, 1950s; works committee meeting minutes: 1918-47, Glasgow 1938-69; wages: and hours enquiry 1906, sheets 1965-69, papers 1949-c60; personnel files 193-60s; employee conditions papers 1852-1950; pension fund: rules booklets 1920-59, account books 1914-57; house magazine: 1921-68, correspondence and papers 1959-57; staff and directors photographs 1874-1950s; press releases 1956-72; public relations correspondence c1930s, film c1955; history booklets, articles, correspondence and notes 1892-1972; fire making museum: photographs, catalogues, notes, correspondence etc 1920s-70s, advertisements, articles and booklets 1691-c1960; Gilbert Bartholomew, managing director correspondence and papers 1885-1914; A W Bryant correspondence and papers 1888-96; match companies correspondence 1907-74; news cuttings 1890-973; misc photographs c1900-61. 

Brymay Partnership Trust Ltd:

management committee:  

meeting minutes 1920-59, members register 1920-61; 

Bryant & May Ltd 

general meeting minutes 1920-61; members register and share ledger 1920-55; share: registers 1920-59, transfer registers 1920-34; directors register 1934-53; memo and articles of association 1920; seal books 1920-9; trust deeds, circular letters and notices 1912-59; allowance book 1950-52; closed accounts 1957-76; Brymay Savings Bank: annual accounts 1948-76, analysis 1926-72. 

Brymay Athletic Association

: ledgers 1925-66; cash book and annual accounts 1920-60; petty cash book 1925-60; correspondence 1911-64; programme 1914; photograph c1900  

British Match Corporation

: annual meeting reports 1928-49; monopolies commission papers 1973; directors register 1927-50; annual returns 1964-67; annual reports and accounts 1928-60; interim reports 1963-64; trading agreements schedules 1928-39; consolidated accounts and papers 1948-61; group accounts 1966-67; capital ledger 1958-72; general ledger 1958-72; match: trading results 1948-54; prices graphs 1953-62; correspondence 1963-73.  

Bryant & May Ltd

: private journals 1966-77; private cash books 1966-76; overseas interests correspondence 1959-76 

Bryant & May (Forestry) Ltd

: annual reports and accounts 1969-70; accounts 1961-67; correspondence 1961-70 

Wilkinson Match Ltd:

company reports 1974-75; trading results and correspondence 1974-76; production papers 1974-77; press cuttings 1973-78  

Acton Match Co Ltd:

directors and general meeting minutes 1924-63; members register etc 1924-63; share certificates and transfer documents 1924-63; annual returns 1934-61; memo and articles of association 1924; balance sheet and accounts 1928-29; annual accounts 1947-59; ledger 1947-64; correspondence 1926-37  

Hulme Patent Advertising Match Co Ltd

: general meeting minutes 1936-66; members register etc 1936-60  

Alliance Match Co Ltd

: directors and general meeting minutes 1932-63; members register etc 1932-63; ledger 1947-64; correspondence 1933-8

Bryant & May Ltd 

R Bell & Co Ltd:

directors meeting minutes 1991-63; general meeting minutes 1888-163; shareholders list 1890; members register etc 1923-63; share certificates and transfer documents 1955-63; memo and articles of association 1887; corporate documents 1887, 1923; ledgers 1913, 1947-64; patent documents 1885, 1911; price list 1880s 

Bell & Black Match Co Ltd

: rough directors and general meeting minutes 1876-81; corporate papers 1881-83; memo and articles of association 1876, 1881; annual report and accounts 1881-83; general ledger 1876-81; balance sheets and accounts 1882-84; bank books 1876-80; patent trademark and design documents 1870-84; contracts book 1877-81; production and sales reports and correspondence 1883-184l; stock list 1879; price lists 1878-79, premises and plant inventories 1881  

Dixon, Son & Evans

: patent agreement and correspondence 1877-86; premises and plant inventory 1881; purchase agreement 1881 

Bellby & Son Ltd

: premises plan 1882; purchase agreement 1881 John Jex Long: patent 1878; purchase agreement 1881  

British Booklet Matches

(1928) Ltd: directors and general meeting minutes 1932-67; members register etc 1932-67; mortgage register and papers 1929-31; ledger 1928-64; journal 1928-32; sales brochure 1932; correspondence and papers 1927-33, 1961  

Diamond Match Co Ltd

: directors and general meeting minutes 1897-1963; members register etc 1907-63; seal register 1897-1901, ledger 1947-64; price lists c1900, history booklets c1900-1926; correspondence 1899-1901, 1948-59  

Irish Match Co Ltd

: general meeting minutes 1897-1967; share certificates 1897-1967  

Maguire, Paterson & Palmer Ltd

: directors and general meeting minutes 1919-24; members register etc 1919-24; shareholders lists 1919-23; annual returns 1921-24; private ledgers 1918-23; premises: photographs 1920-23, plans 1873  

Maguire & Paterson (NI) Ltd

: directors and general meeting minutes 1923-63; members register 1923-63; purchase papers 1959 

Bryant & May Ltd 

Matches Ltd

: directors meeting minutes 1945-65; general meeting minutes 1991-65; members register etc 1919-53; share certificates and transfer documents 1913-53 

Midland Match works Ltd

: share certificates and transfer documents 1958; works plan 1920; correspondence 1931-57  

W J Morgan & Co Ltd

: private ledger 1883-91; ledger 1955-64; works plan 1920  

S J Moreland & Sons Ltd

: Directors and shareholder minutes 1917-51; copy minutes and agendas 1961-72; directors register 1967-69; balance sheets and accounts 1968-72; private ledger 1978-72; correspondence 1931-72; works: plan and specification 1920, photographs 1941-42, outing newscutting 1937  

S J Moreland & Sons (Holdings) Ltd:

copy minutes and agendas 1970-72; account 1970-72; private ledger 1968-72  

Premier Match Co Ltd

: share certificates and transfer documents 1916-22; corporate documents 1908-16; liquidation papers 1922-23  

Publicity Book Matches Ltd

: directors and general meeting minutes 198-67; members register etc 1928-67; ledger 1947-64  

Standard Match Co Ltd

: directors and general meeting minutes 1958-66; correspondence 1931-59  

Bryant & May (Brazil) Ltd

: members register 1926-50; share transfer registers 1926-30; cash book 1926-30  

Cia Fiat Lux

: directors, staff, exhibitions and factories photographs 1927-60  

Cia General de Fosforous Sud Americania:

machinery plans and photographs 1930; staff, buildings and directors photographs 1954-58; match factories land and buildings inventory  

Bryant & May Ltd 

Bryant & May, Bell & Co (Pty) Ltd, Australia: governing directors meeting minutes 1909-13; foundation papers 1907-19; memo and articles of association 1910; balance sheets and accounts: Melbourne 1910-48, Perth 1932-47; production photographs 1920s; visitors booklets 1924; match composition recipe 1922; Brymay staff provident fund balance sheets and accounts 1935-49; staff photographs 1911-59; Empire Works: specification 1922, photographs c1910-20s, nd; factory booklet c1910s

Bryant & May, Bell & Co (Pty) Ltd, New Zealand: directors meeting minutes 1910-1913, 1922; foundation papers 1907-10; memo and articles of association 1910, shareholders list 1922; balance sheets and accounts 1910-48; directors photographs 1928-49; factory: papers and newscuttings 1920-22, photographs 1927-30, nd Australasia Ltd: advisory committee meeting minutes 1909; papers 1906-10; cash book 1907-10 Federal Match Co Ltd: account statements 1920-25, 1935-48; works, machinery and staff photographs 1922-45; correspondence 1927-67 

Western Australia Match Co Ltd:

building, works and plant photographs 1931-50s; correspondence 1930-50 New Zealand Wax Vesta Co: Dunedin factory; plan and blue prints nd, workers and directors photographs 1920s-48 Eddy Match Co Ltd: shareholders list 957-61; presidents reports 1963-68; correspondence 1943-72 Canadian Splint & Lumber Corporation Ltd: accounts summary 1961; buildings, timber and directors photographs 1948-65; correspondence 1944-69  

Lion Match Co Ltd

: directors working statements 1927-42; accounts and stock lists 1905-19; photographs: Durban factory c1900-63 and progress reports 1925-28, Cape Town factory, c1900-23, Salisbury factory 1948-59, directors and staff c1900-62, South Africa subjects 1906-34, nd: correspondence 1857-66 Rosebank Match Co Ltd: balance sheets and accounts 1900-04; correspondence 1899-1905

Bryant & May Ltd 

Diamond Deutsche Zundholzfabrik AG: board of control meeting minutes 1904-05; balance sheet and account 1902;

Rheinau factory photographs 1901-02; correspondence 1902

Transvaal Diamond Match Co AG: board of control meeting minutes 1899-1905; correspondence 1899-1905

Swedish Match Co: agreements and correspondence 1952-59, 1884-1910; catalogues 1898, 1932-39; photographs 1950, and; history booklets and circulars 1920-57

Trinidad Match Factory Ltd: factory photograph 1948; press cuttings 1968

Bifuel Carburettors Ltd: directors and general meeting minutes 1918-30

British Basket & Best Co Ltd: ledgers: 1950-66, private 1949-65; journal 1966-68; payroll 1965-69; correspondence 1933-70

North West Chip Basket Co Ltd: ledgers 1950-71; journal 1960-70

F Gough & Son Ltd: correspondence 1933-70

J&G Cox Ltd: directors and general meeting minutes 1898-1972, reports 1898-1969; shareholders: register 1896-1966, correspondence 1934-71; annual returns 1898-1969 memo and articles of association 1898-1961; balance sheets and accounts 1897-1917; general ledgers 1898-1959; private ledger 1921-49; journal 1939-43; purchases, stores and wages analysis 1964-69; assets

J&G Co Ltd revaluation papers 1968-70; gelatine trade mark patents 1886-1971; production licences 1941-48; jelly strength standardisation scale 1954; purchase book 1964-69; chemicals stock check 1968-69; gelatine advertisement ledger 1924-55; employment contracts 1964-67; payroll 1967-7; personnel file 1968-69; staff photographs 1960; site: and plant valuation 1958, disposal papers 1969-75; George Mills bowling Club papers 1969-71; correspondence 1927

Bryant & May Ltd 

Thomas Nimmo & Co Ltd

: directors and general meeting minutes 1935-69; members register etc 1935-69; share papers 1950-58; memo and articles of association 1935; accounts statements 1953-69; glue recipe nd; recommendation 1852; newscutting 19 cent, 1933-58  

Octavius Hunt Ltd: balance sheets and accounts 1928-41: correspondence 1921-65

Jahncke Ltd: directors and general meeting minutes 1893-1961; committee meeting minutes 1894-99; corporate papers 1878-95, 1931; members registers 1894-1960; shareholders list 1959-60; directors register 1951-c60; debenture: share registers 1895-1924, agreements 1889-1900; annual returns 1925-53; liquidation papers c1950-60; balance sheets and accounts 1923-60; ledgers: journals 1954-60; cash books 1953-62; credit notes 1957-61; production line estimate 1950s, nd; colour box plan 1958; wages and salaries journals 1951-60; injury treatment record 1959-60; staff benevolent fund: trustee meeting minutes 1926-60, cash book 1939-60; bonus records 1936-60; balance sheets and accounts with correspondence 1948-60; title deeds and property papers and correspondence 1822-1960; ink pellets recipe 1887; correspondence 1884-1901

Ideal Vending Machine Co: ledger and journal 1961-75

London & Provincial Automatic Machine Co Ltd: directors and general meeting minutes 1891-93; prospectuses 1892; directors reports 1894-97

Motormaps Ltd: directors and general meeting minutes 1953-68; members register etc 1953-67; annual returns 1958-71

Packel Ltd: photographs: Hammersmith premises 1940-50, South Africa 1950; correspondence 1949-59

Printpack Ltd: directors and general meeting minutes 1958-67; members register etc 1958-67; share certificates and transfer documents 1958-67; annual reports and accounts 1958-67; memo and articles of association 1958; annual accounts and papers 1960-61; ledger 1958-68; cash books 1958-62; wages book 1959-60; correspondence 1958-67 

Bryant & May Ltd 

Print & Paper Ltd

: directors and general meeting minutes 1858-71; annual returns 1958-71; business name correspondence 1958-71

Wolverhampton Box Co Ltd

: memo and articles of association 1957; factory photographs 1958; correspondence 1958-70

Match Control Office: matches administrative committee minutes 1917-19; ledger 1917-19; summary accounts 1917-19; production reports 1917-19; deliveries reports 1917-19; supply notes 1918-19; administrative papers 1917-18; staff files 1917-19; winding up papers 1919

United Kingdom Match Makers Association: minutes 1872-78

British Match Makers Association: meeting minutes 1903-09; advisory committee meeting minutes 1903-05;

Fairfield and Liverpool production grosses 1900-04;

Belgian safety match sales figures and correspondence 1907; excise tax papers 1916-21; home trade grosses 1017-21; dinner photographs 1911

Society of British Match Manufacturers: accounts with correspondence 1918-50; mechanical lighters: memoranda 1937-46; reports 1953-59; correspondence 1947-160

Joint Industrial Council for the Match Manufacturing Industry: establishment report 1923; meeting minutes: London District Council 1919-22, health and safety committee 1929-46, works committees 1937-52; association joint industrial councils and correspondence 1929-45; pension fund sub-committee 1938-39; accounts 1924-56; wages, holidays, sick pay etc papers 1946-69; unemployment benefit scheme cash book 1948-69; correspondence 1950-56; Glasgow visit photographs 1938 Also diary and almank for 1868 (M4545) 

Bunch and Duke

Estate agents of Hackney and Tower Hamlets: D/B/BUN photographs of properties sold in Hackney area 1984-85

A Calton & Son Ltd

, bakers of 48 De Beauvoir Road, N1 D/B/CAL  

Articles of association 1946; accounting records 1943-46; bread production (inc lists of customers) 1960-65 (gaps) wages 1937-39 

Carless, Capel and Leonard Ltd,

refiners and distillers of Hackney D/B/CCL Wick. Production and stock records 1933-52; sales records 1912-49; title deeds and site plans 1860-1974; company magazines and history files 1901-89; press cuttings 1962-88; photographs c1890- 1987; company video c1992; company reports and accounts 1973 -88; prospectus 1972. Model road petrol tanker and company ties 1994 & 1970s.  

Other records are at the National Motor Museum. 

John Carter & Sons Ltd

, boot and shoe makers of Kingsland D/B/CAR Road, Shoreditch and absorbed companies

John Carter & Sons

: articles of association, 1896, 1919; directors and shareholders minutes 1896-1970; records of alteration of status, 1896-97; share records 1897-1918, 1951-65; annual returns 1960-74; sales and production records 1862-78, 1897-98, 1956, 1967-73; wages and pension records 1887-1946; correspondence and agreements concerning the Kingsland Road premises 1879-1937; staff photo, c1920s Lindrea & Co Ltd of Bristol: director's and shareholders minutes 1927-57; annual returns 1962-70; accounting records (including sales) 1927-64  

John Carter and Lindrea (Leathers) Ltd

: articles of association, 1960; directors minutes 1961-67; customer claims 1967-73; stock at Bristol 1961  

Thomas Walker Ltd (later T H Walker (Weymouth) Ltd

directors and shareholders minutes 1924-72; annual returns 1931-40  

Dorman & Co Ltd

of Ashford, Kent and City of London: directors and shareholders minutes 1920-58; balance sheet 1945  

John Carter & Sons Ltd  

Leather Finishers Ltd

register of members, 1960-75  

Leather & Hire Trades Provident & Benevolent Institute

Teasurer's list of securities and annual reports 1917-1920 Also family papers and personal accounts 1897-1918  

C F Casella & Co Ltd,

instrument makers of Holborn, later D/B/CAS  

Hatton Garden, later Britannia Walk

, Shoreditch: stock books 1862-1912; order books 1883-1963; cuttings books with copies of company instructions, stationery, 1855-1943; staff time book 1914-15; log book of instruments used at Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, 1873; sketch book of equipment, c1877; license agreements 1910-30; trade mark certificate c1920; photographs of works, Fitzroy Square and Walthamstow, Holborn Bars and of L Casella, c19th-c1950; company history 1960; purchase of rights, correspondence on royalties, sales agreements 

Dotteridge Brothers Ltd,

funeral directors: sales ledgers D/B/DOT financial records and inventories of plant etc 1939-64 (including for subsidiary companies); correspondence concerning premises, acquisition of companies, training and capital. Includes course notes of the Dotteridge School for  

Embalming and Funeral Hygiene


Also the records of the following companies: 

J J Allen (Funerals ) Ltd

: sales ledger 958-70.  

W T Beale & Sons Ltd

: directors meeting minutes 1916-70, shares and accounts 1917-69, correspondence on staffing 1961-70. W Beckett (H) Ltd: ledgers (sales and purchases) 1938-73. Blake & Horlock Ltd: sales ledgers 1951-73. Clarabut and Plumbe: ledger 1969-73. 

David Dickie & Sons (Glasgow) Lt

d: sales and purchase ledgers, inventory of stock 1925-72. Dotteridge Bros & Murdoch (South Africa) Ltd: correspondence and sales ledgers 1949-58. E Evans & Sons Ltd: leases and accounts 1951-71. Gordon & Munro Ltd: coffin furniture manufacturers and engravers, sales and purchase ledgers 1929-68. Incorporated Stone & Marble Co Ltd: ledgers 1954-67. Marble Decorations Ltd: sales records 1970-76.  

W Nodes Ltd

: sales and other financial records 1954-70.  

Phillip & Sons (Brighton) Ltd:

sales ledger 1958-65.  

J T Pickard: sales ledger 1958-65. Picard & Beale Ltd

: ledger 1970-73. A Seaward & Sons Ltd: ledgers 1972-73.  

F C Wood

: sales ledger 1962-65 

C.F.Casella Ltd 

Also trade catalogues, 1931 (M4509) 

Gardner and Gardner,

corn merchants of Wapping and De D/B/GAR Beauvoir Road: Memorandum of association, 1931, 1957; accounting records 1963-67; customer ledger 1937-51; correspondence, including notice of directors meeting, 1970, 1972; stock book 1941-42  

Glovers (Dyers and Cleaners) Ltd

of Lower Clapton: D/B/GLO directors minutes 1945-84; articles of association and property records 1935-80; register of members, share ledger and copies of returns under the Companies Act 1952-67; accounts 1964-84 Records closed for 30 years from last date in each document  

Hackney Empire theatre

, Mare Street, Hackney D/B/EMP Contracts and site purchase documents 1896-1962 (Including list of artistes contracts from 1901-06) Theatre posters 1986-c1994  

For other records see 10.2 above. 

Hackney Gazette, newspaper


Photographers diaries and negatives 1983-93; scrapbook with cuttings of photos 1974-78 

William Harper

, bookseller of Tabernacle Street, D/B/HAR Shoreditch: catalogues, book orders and photographs and correspondence on local matters 1856-1903 

C.A. later G.J. Jaquin, button makers of Shoreditch

D/B/JAQ Family correspondence, bills, trading accounts, partnership records, patents and description of factory 1829-190

London and Suburban Land and Building Co Ltd

, formerly of D/B/LON Buckingham Street, London WC2: estate development association active in Hackney and other areas of London; directors rough minutes 1894-1919; board agendas 1914-24; share and dividend records 1863-1923; accounting records 1883-1954 (including directors reports for period 1944-64) Remainder of records, including title deeds still held by Legal Star of 111 Queens Road, Richmond, Surrey, who bought the company from Clarebrooke Holdings in 1985. These are listed in Company Archives Marla Ltd, makers of women's clothes of Mare Street, D/B/MAR Hackney: accounting records 1927-66; scrapbook, including records on trademark; photographs of firm and products and local Chamber of Commerce, 1937-77  

J & W Nicholson & Co Ltd

, distillers of Clerkenwell and D/B/NIC  

Three Mills

, Bow Partnership records: agreement and correspondence 1763-1892, 1969; accounting records: balance sheets and profits and loss accounts 1972-1939 ( ) and other financial records (including some wages and production records) 1821-1947 Production and stock records: recipe books and related records 1840-1951; details and repairs to stills 1847-1932; goods received and despatched journal 1822-23; associated correspondence, photographs, labels, 1856-c1940; sales and customer records: sales 1807-1956; loans records (to publicans) 1832-94; rum, whiskey and brandy order books 1857-66, 1900-09, 1968-69; other records (miscellaneous correspondence, etc) 1813-1916; employee and staff records: time and wages books 1852-73; 1899-1911, 1967-68; employee agreements 1859, 1878-1913; correspondence concerning staff 1859, 1878-1913; indenture, 1821; oil painting of one of Nicholsons, c1800; photographs c1890, 1960s Repairs and plans of premises 1872-93; copies of acts, legal papers and related records concerning alterations to River Lea affecting Three Mills site (acts from 1571; records and plans 1888-1944); site plans and photographs 1935-47; title deeds of premises. Premises and property records acquired by Nicholsons in London, including records of the Glossop family of the Bunch of Grapes. 

J & W Nicholson & Co

Holborn, and in Chepstow, Bristol, Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, York, Penrith and Sheffield 1760-916; historical files on distilling and the history of the Three Mills site collected c1900-38 (including printed material from 1761) Family records: wills of family 1825-90 with associated correspondence; estate book for land at Stoke Newington (rentals and tenant details) 1847-62; lease of tithes of Hesket by Dean and Chapter of Carlisle, 1950; deeds and associated correspondence concerning land at Sheffield, 1747-1850; title deeds and associated records of the Hockley House Estate, Cherton, Hants, 1597-1877; miscellaneous records (funeral memorials etc) 1812-1902 

Associated and subsidiary companies: 

Reid Wright & Holloway

: directors minutes 1905-19; balance sheets 1931-42  

Three Mills Bonded Warehouses Ltd

: articles of association 1952; register of members etc-58; plan of premises, 1951 

P D Carnegie & Sons:

ledger 1950-56  

A. Norman & Sons Ltd

, footwear wholesalers of Shoreditch D/B/NOR Articles of association and prospectuses 1906-73; directors reports and accounting records 1948-71; directors and staffing records 1941-60; correspondence on take overs and mergers 1964-73; trade mark files 1947-72; contracts and other financial records 1936-73.  

W J Palmer of Maguire and Paterson Ltd,

match makers of D/B/PAL Dublin, London, Liverpool, Belfast and Canada: correspondence concerning shares in the Canadian company and match making 1920-33; financial records of Palmer, 1916-32; schedule of deeds of premises at Farnham, Surrey, 1927; plan of Dublin factory 1932; records re marriage of Mrs Waters 1879-1910 For other company records see D/B/BRY Bryant and May  

Robert Pringle

, pewterers of Brick Lane, Spitalfields (also D/B/PRI makers of equipment for public houses); customer ledgers 1866-72; 1911-13  

Richard Pye & Sons Ltd

, box makers of Finsbury and Shoreditch: D/B/PYE deeds of properties in Shoreditch 1806-1953; articles of association 1924; court order re sale of business 1896; share records 1934; agreement to purchase business of L Tilt 1937: minutes etc of directors and shareholders meetings 1952-60; accounting records 1883-1960; plans and other premises records 1914-53; catalogue of plant sold, 1960; cuttings books and other associated records, including details of history of company, 1947-53; certificates and photographs/drawings of staff 1945-54 


British Nameloid Products Ltd

: accounts, 1951, 1958  

Transparent Packing Manufacturing Co Ltd

: accounts 1958; notice of voluntary liquidation, 1961  

Westland Cartons Ltd:

correspondence etc concerning voluntary liquidation 1961-62  

British Paper Box Federation:

completion papers and ephemera 1948-59 

F Puckeridge & Nephew Ltd

of Upper Clapton Road, goldbeaters D/B/PUC skins and moulds manufacturers: Out letter books 1892-1920; purchase day book 1936-50. Letters include personal correspondence of Alfred Grantham and others  

James Recknall & Co

, undertakers of Dalston Lane, Hackney: D/B/REC Accounts 1886-1970 (includes goods bought, cemetery fees) 

Louis Sevak

, photographer of Dalston: wedding and studio D/B/SEV photographs 1921-40  

A Sindall and Co

, trimming manufacturers of Hackney Road D/B/SIN and Dalston: partnership records of premises in Albion and Malvery Road, 1921-52; executors papers for G B Sindall's estate 1914-30; correspondence with customers and others 1920-80; albums of collected records and photographs 1868 -1981; history of company, 1987; samples and ephemera 1909- 76; factory registers 1902-38.  

At the Museum of London

: letterbooks 1924-27; costing book 1924-30; order books 1938-59; ledger 1926-44; invoice books 1937-43; customer account books 1938-47; vol with details of cordage and tassle making 1910-40  

Victory Engineers

of Stoke Newington Church St, later Milton D/B/VIC Keynes, Reamer manufacturers; Accounting and sales records 1942-78; patent for reamers, 1953; agreements for machine hire and insurance 1962-76  

Howard Wall of Hackney Road

, leather goods manufacturers and D/B/WAL engineers: deeds of property in Hackney Road 1720-1898  

22.1 Large Collections 

Watney Mann & Co Ltd

: deeds of public houses in Hackney and D/B/WAT Shoreditch 1819-1930  

British Xylonite Co Ltd

of Homerton (later Walthamstow) and D/B/XYL Brantham, Suffolk  

British Xylonite Co Ltd 

Corporate: directors and shareholders minutes, and general meetings 1877-1925; prospectus 1877; articles of association 1877-1938; balance sheets and directors reports 1918-54 (gaps);share records 1877-1930; financial and production records 1877-1939; premises records (including productions, registration of company names) 1877-1917; sale catalogues of premises at Hale End, Holloway and Homerton 1896-99; plant books (Homerton and Brantham and Hale End) 1893-1917; production: reports, files on patents 1886-1939; correspondence concerning visit of C A Mitchell to Formosa and Japan, 1897-1901; stocktaking records 190830; sales: agreements to supply Xylonite Co, 1919; minutes of evidence of Departmental Committee on Celluloid, 1913; reminiscences of Harry Greenstock, 1969; works handbooks 1937 & c1960; pension scheme rules etc 1926-60; minutes of evidence to Dept Committee on Celluloid 1913. 

The Xylonite Company:

price list, 1869; assignment of patent rights 1869-77  

Daniel Spill & Co Ltd:

prospectus nd  

Homerton Manufacturing Co Ltd:

articles of association, 1877 minutes of directors and shareholders meetings 1877-79; correspondence with B X Co ( as holding company) 1894-1910  

British Xylonite Co Wien (Vienna)

: minutes of general meetings 1908-14  

British Xylonite Co New York Inc

: directors meetings 1914-27  

British Xylonite (Canada) Ltd

: annual accounts 1922-39 

British Xylonite (Australia) Proprietary Ltd:

articles of association 1931; directors and general meeting minutes 1931-41; annual accounts 1932-43, 1950 British Xylonite Co  

Cascelloid Ltd

: copy minutes of general and directors meetings 1951-55; annual reports and accounts 1931-50 (gaps) 

British Tortelloid Ltd

: minutes of general and directors meetings 1932-38 Other records are held by Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch and LB Waltham Forest, Vestry House Museum 

22.2 Small Collection

Albion Brewery

(or Hackney Brewery) Deeds of property 1833 M 218-226  

Albert Adler and James Clowes

, leather goods merchants M 618 Partnership 1816 

Thomas Briggs

, of Southgate Road, N1, tentmakers. M 4017 Catalogues and photographs of premises, c1900-70  

Clarke Nicholls and Coombes Ltd

of Hackney Wick D/3/BRY1/2/552 confectionery manufacturers. Pay rates, 1888 E; D/F RUS 5 reports school visits, 1959  

Richard Ellis & Son

, surveyors: reports on local buildings M 1458-61 1896-1927  

Fox Family

of Hackney, buildings and developers. M 4232 Active 1820s-1880s. Deeds and business correspondence 1743-1927  

Phineas Freedman & Co Ltd

, furniture warehousemen of Shoreditch M 4535 Correspondence concerning insurance and a fire, 1885-7

Hackney Bank for Savings.

See section 25 Tyssen 

Hackney, Kingsland & Shoreditch Permanent Building Society

M 4192 Instrument for dissolution, 1888  

Henry Hildesley

of Shacklewell, printers. Ephemera and M 4041 cuttings 1932-40 

Hope & Vigne

of Clapton, tile makers. Partnership agreement M 4037 and associated documents 1814-17 

Edward Humberstone

of Homertton, pawnbroker. Deeds and M 4486 business papers 1900-32. 

Imperial Lager Brewery

. Deeds and associated papers 1879-97 M 4276 

James Latham

, timber and hardwood importers of Shoreditch M 4443 Trade catalogues 1935-7 

Lesney Products & Co Ltd.

Annual reports and accounts 1977-82 M 4414 

London Co-operative Society

. Deeds of Hackney premises M 4154 1862-1973 M 4164-70 

London Lane Shoes Ltd

of London Lane, Hackney. Pension M 4289 scheme, 1973; wages summary 1978; correspondence concerning legal case v Cresstale 1981-2 

Planet Benefit Building & Investment Society

. LBH/C 1/42 Trustee records 1869-74 

L.I.Rosenthal & Co

, boot makers of Shoreditch M 4541 Financial statements 1935-8  

Charles Rowle

y, of Shoreditch, veneer panel maker. M 4006 Accounts 1945-55  


, vinegar manufacturers of Shoreditch. M 2670-1 M 2685 Deeds of premises 1827-93 M 2695 

Snewin's Dairy

of Upper Clapton Bank book 1905-09; M 3982 photographs of premises, c1920 

Strange & Co

, wholesale grocers of Houndsditch. M 3195-M 3204 Partnership agreements and leases of premises, 184 Theatrical: Play script for The Red Lance or the Merrie Men of Hoxton, 1843 (M4457); agreements between Samuel Lane of the Britannia Theatre and George Dibden Pitt, William Henry Pitt and Colin Henry Hazelwood re rights to plays 1849-71. (M44580 Besides the listed collections there are numerous single documents in the M sequences. These are too extensive to include in the guide but subjects covered are given below. The documents can be located from the Archive subject index card sequence. Advertising, auctioneers, bakers and bakeries, banks, blacksmiths, boat building, boatmen, breweries, brickmaking, brush and mat warehouse, brush making, building, builders carpenters, carpet weaving, catering, cigar making, clockmakers, clothing sale and manufacturing, coach building and painting, coat merchants, coopers, dairies and milk sorting, firewood merchants, flax making, food processing, furniture making, gas and coke works, gas fitting, glass and bottle making, glass silvering and bevelling, hat making horsedealing, ironmongers, lamp black making, land and building societies, laundries, lead mills, leather trade, nurserymen, paper making, pedlars, photographers, piano making, plumbers and glaziers, poultry rearing equipment making, property management, pubic hall companies, rope making, rubber making, scale makers, shipping, shoe making, silk manufacturer, solicitors, stonemasons, storage contractors, straw hat making, surveyors, timber trade, tobacco and pipe making, undertakers, upholsterers, vinegar works and wheelwrights. There are also references to business activity in the following collections: 

Section 23 D/F/AMH, D/F/AUK, D/F/GRE, D/F/HAR, D/F/JAS,



Section 21.2 D/S/24 London Ladies Tailors records have many business references

Section 25 D/F/BAG, D/F/TYS

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