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Burial and grave register

We don't keep a central register of deaths and cremations for the borough. This type of information is kept by individual cemeteries, such as:

  • Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington High Street, N16 5TU. Phone: 020 7275 7557.
  • The East London Cemetery, 230 Grange Road, E13 0HB. Phone: 020 7476 5109.
  • Manor Park Cemetery, Sebert Road E7 0NP. Phone: 020 8534 1486.
  • City of London Cemetery, Aldersbrook Road E12 5DQ. Phone: 020 8530 2151.
  • Woodgrange Park Cemetery, Romford Road E7 8AF. Phone: 020 8471 3433.
  • West Ham Cemetery, Cemetery Road, E7 9DG. Phone: 020 8534 1566.
  • Tower Hamlets Cemetery (Bow), Southern Grove, E3 4PX.
  • St Patrick Cemetery (RC), Langthorne Road E11 4HL. Phone: 020 8539 2451.
  • Chingford Mount Cemetery, 121 Old Church Road, E4 6ST. Phone: 020 8524 5030.
  • Walthamstow Cemetery, Queens Road E17. Phone: 020 8524 5030.

Search find a grave

  • Find a Grave lets you search for people by location, birth date or death date.

Hackney Archives

Some data from 1840-1978 relating to deaths in the borough is held at Hackney Archives

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Page updated: 31 Jul 2015 

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