Rubbish and recycling for estates and blocks

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Most household waste is recyclable and can be put in the mixed recycling bins.

Many estates also have a food waste recycling service.

Please put all your waste and recycling inside the bins.  Do not dump anything next to the bins or anywhere else on your estate or street. Dumped waste is dangerous, against the law, attracts rats and ruins the area for everyone.

What can I put in mixed recycling bins?

Paper and card

Paper and card

Includes: cardboard boxes, newspapers, magazines, envelopes, food and drink cartons including Tetra Pak. Break and fold large boxes and leave them next to your green sacks.

Plastic pots and trays

Plastic pots and trays

Includes: margarine and ice cream tubs, yoghurt pots, fruit punnets and ready meal trays.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles

Includes: drink, shampoo and detergent bottles.

Tins and cans

Tins and cans

Includes: steel and aluminium and aerosols. Make sure aerosols are empty but do not squash or pierce.



Includes: kitchen foil and foil trays. Please rinse clean.

Glass bottles and jars


All colours. No broken glass. Rinse and remove lids.

What can't I recycle?

Please use your nearest public recycling bank for clothes and textiles. There are battery recycling points at all Hackney libraries.

These items can't be recycled and must go in your rubbish bin:

  • nappies
  • tissues, tampons and other sanitary items
  • plastic wrap, cling film and bubble wrap
  • crisp packets and sweet wrappers
  • polystyrene
  • soft plastic / metallic packaging like pet food pouches
  • metallic wrapping paper

Reusable recycling bag

We provide reusable recycling bags to help you recycle:

  1. place the bag inside your kitchen to collect your recyclable materials
  2. when full, take your bag to your recycling bins to empty
  3. return your reusable bag to your kitchen to begin collecting again

Recycling will not be collected from your door. If you leave bags outside your front door as they will be removed and not returned.

Why are my recycling bin lids locked?

Communal recycling bins are locked to stop bags of non-recyclable waste being put into the recycling bins, which contaminates all the recycling material. Residents should use the aperture at the front of the lid to deposit their recycling into the recycling bin.

Where does my recycling go?

Recyclable material is sent to a sorting facility in Bow operated by Bywaters. It is sorted and sent onwards to be made into a variety of new products. The majority of this material is sent for recycling in the UK.

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