eBooks, audiobooks and magazines

You can borrow thousands of eBooks and audiobooks for free using Overdrive. You can also read eBooks for free online, using Public Library Online and read magazines online using Zinio. All you need is your Hackney library card. If you are not a library member, apply for library membership now. 

Borrow eBooks and audiobooks using Overdrive

With Overdrive you can browse an extensive e-library and then download eBooks or audiobooks to your PC or Apple Mac.

You can enjoy them immediately or transfer the titles to tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, iPods and many other devices. Some audio books can also be burned to CD.

How to use

  • select the book you want to borrow and then click borrow
  • select Hackney from the drop-down list of libraries
  • enter your library card number and PIN (if you don't know your PIN, you can ask for this at any Hackney library) 

You can borrow up to 5 items for one, two or three weeks.

There are no overdue charges, the digital media automatically 'returns' itself.

View the Overdrive e-library

Overdrive app 

You can also download eBooks and audiobooks direct to your smartphone or tablet using the Overdrive app:

Visit the Overdrive help page for help and guidance on how to use the service.

Read eBooks online using Public Library Online

Public Library Online gives you access to themed digital bookshelves of fiction and non-fiction titles from a range of well known publishers. There's no complicated downloads, digital rights management, or decisions on which reading device to buy. You simply access the books online using your computer, tablet or mobile phone in the library, at home or elsewhere. Books cannot be downloaded and read offline, you have to be connected to the internet to read them.

To view the library catalogue and read books you will need a valid library card.

View the Public Library Online e-library 

Read magazines online using Zinio

Access hundreds of popular magazines free of charge. You can read them on your computer or download them onto a tablet or smartphone for offline viewing. There are over 230 titles available. You can check out and download as many issues as you like and keep them as long as you wish. You must have a valid library card to use this service.

View the Zinio magazine library

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