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Air pollution

Below you'll find general information about air pollution and how the Council is tackling it. You can also follow the links to the left for more information about air quality programs.

Tackling air pollution in Hackney

Zero emissions network (ZEN)

ZEN Shoreditch is a network of local businesses working together to improve air quality.

It offers tailored advice, free trials of electric vehicles and cargo bikes, energy consultation and supply chain solutions.

Businesses that take part will help the local environment, boost their green credentials, comply with the latest environmental legislation and set themselves apart from their competitors with forward-thinking sustainable business practice.

Find out more about ZEN Shoreditch

There are many things that businesses can do to improve air quality in areas such as transportation, building efficiency, energy use and policy, whilst saving money.

We would like businesses to:

  • use zero/low emission vehicles for deliveries and business travel
  • encourage staff and visitors to walk, cycle or use public transport
  • ensure premises are run in an energy efficient manner
  • choose green energy suppliers
  • dispose of waste in a sustainable way
  • build sustainability into company policy.

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Page updated: 27 Jul 2015