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Visitor parking vouchers

How many booklets do I need?

You can buy a maximum of 10 booklets per calendar month. There are two types of voucher: 1 day visitor vouchers (sold in booklets containing 5 vouchers); and 2 hour visitor vouchers (sold in booklets containing 20 vouchers).

Vouchers are discounted for people over 60 and blue badge holders for their first 2 books of the month.

Buying vouchers for the first time? 

You will need:

  • a debit or credit card
  • a scanned copy or photo of your supporting document for proof of address

You can upload your supporting documents in PDF, JPEG / JPG and BMP files. The maximum file size is 5MB.

Before you start

We are aware that a small percentage of customers are having problems when applying online. If you encounter an issue, please call 020 8356 8877. We will be introducing a new online ordering system in summer 2015.

Apply for visitor vouchers


Find out what happens after you apply.

You can also apply by post.

Buy more vouchers

You will need:

  • your visitor voucher application reference number - this is a 5 digit number, which must be preceded by the letters VIS when entered (eg VIS12345). It can be found in your email receipt, or on your physical till receipt.
  • a debit or credit card.

Before you start

If your address details have changed since your last application, you will need to make a fresh application.

Buy more visitor vouchers

What happens after you apply

  • If your application is completed correctly, we email you payment instructions.
  • After payment we will process and deliver your vouchers:
    • for first time applications this will typically take 2 to 5 working days.
    • if you are buying more vouchers this will typically take 1 to 3 working days (subject to the volume of voucher applications we receive and process). 
  • If your application is not successful, we will contact you to explain why, and what you need to do to help us process it.

Apply by post 

Please allow at least 10 days for your vouchers to be processed and sent out to you. 

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Page updated: 11 Mar 2015 

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