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 Elections 2014 results

European Parliamentary election Mayoral election Brownswood Ward Cazenove Ward Clissold Ward
Dalston Ward De Beauvoir Ward Hackney Central Ward Hackney Downs Ward Hackney Wick Ward
Haggerston Ward Homerton Ward Hoxton East & Shoreditch Ward Hoxton West Ward King's Park Ward
Lea Bridge Ward London Fields Ward Shacklewell Ward Springfield Ward Stamford Hill West Ward
Stoke Newington Ward Victoria Ward Woodberry Down Ward    

European Parliamentary election

The full results of the elections in London can be viewed on London European Elections 2014.

How Hackney voted

Ballot papers issued: 66,401
Turnout: 41.5%

Name of party or independent

Number of  votes

4 Freedoms Party (UK EPP)


An Independence from Europe


Animal Welfare Party


British National Party


Christian Peoples Alliance


Communities United Party


Conservative Party


English Democrats


Europeans Party


Green Party


Harmony Party


Labour Party


Liberal Democrats


National Health Action Party


National Liberal Party - True Liberalism




UK Independence Party (UKIP)



Candidates elected

The following candidates have been duly elected for the London Region:

  Name Party
 1 Claude Moraes Labour Party
 2 Syed Salah Kamall Conservative Party
 3 Mary Honeyball Labour Party
 4 Gerard Joseph Batten UK Independence Party (UKIP)
 5 Lucy Anderson Labour Party
 6 Timothy Charles Ayrton Tannock Conservative Party
 7 Seb Dance Labour Party
 8 Jean Denise Lambert Green Party


Mayoral election

Eligible voters: 174,568
Turnout: 39.61%

Candidate Party Votes (1st)
Jules PIPE (elected) Labour Party 40,858
Mischa Borris Green Party 11,849
Linda KELLY Conservative Party 7,853
Simon DE DENEY Liberal Democrats 3,840
Mustafa KOREL Putting Hackney First 3,265


Brownswood Ward

Eligible voters: 6,226
Turnout: 40.36%

Candidate Party Votes
Clare Potter (elected) Labour Party 1,335
Brian Bell (elected) Labour Party 1,287
Sam Butler Green Party 562
Peter Lang Green Party 484
Bella Aussenberg Conservative Party 229
Andrew George White Conservative Party 226
Dominic Leigh Liberal Democrats 195
Bella Sharer Liberal Democrats 171
Thomas Alan Rubens TUSC 104


Cazenove Ward

Eligible voters: 9,063
Turnout: 49.32%

Candidate Party Votes
Abraham Jacobson (elected) Liberal Democrats 1,731
Dawood Ebrahim Akhoon (elected) Liberal Democrats 1,715
Ian David Sharer (elected) Liberal Democrats 1,709
Kofo Adeolu-David Labour Party 1,688
Gilbert Smyth Labour Party 1,602
Matthew Burn Labour Party 1,593
Mischa Borris Green Party 744
Jenny Lopez Green Party 580
Teresa Webb Green Party 538
Marzena Iwona Kwasnik Conservative Party 209
Pamela Yvonne Sills Conservative Party 189
Erika Halasz Conservative Party 150


Clissold Ward

Eligible voters: 9,360
Turnout: 45.15%

Candidate Party Votes
Sophie Cameron (elected) Labour Party 2,519
Ned Hercock (elected) Labour Party 2,103
Sade Etti (elected) Labour Party 2,010
Charlotte Cecilia Lillian George Green Party 1,287
Griffin Carpenter Green Party 1,125
Kirsty Styles Green Party 1,040
Sylvia Anderson Liberal Democrats 410
Simon de Deney Liberal Democrats 345
Alison Cook Conservative Party 305
Glenda Aussenberg Conservative Party 263
Ita Steinberger Conservative Party 207
Tony Harms Liberal Democrats 207


Dalston Ward

Eligible voters: 6,306
Turnout: 35.47%

Candidate Party Votes
Soraya Adejare (elected) Labour Party 1,173
Peter Snell (elected) Labour Party 1,067
Dominic Oliver Cort Green Party 664
Daniel Key Green Party 489
James Campbell Driver Liberal Democrats 170
Pauline Pearce Liberal Democrats 146
Rochelle Aussenberg Conservative Party 139
Andrzej Krajewski Conservative Party 101
Luke Basevi UKIP 90


De Beauvoir Ward

Eligible voters: 6,665
Turnout: 38.65%

Candidate Party Votes
Laura Bunt (elected) Labour Party 1,336
James Peters (elected) Labour Party 1,245
Catherine Ryan Green Party 476
Cameron Lucas Brown Conservative Party 433
Nicholas Lee Green Party 418
Weronika Zolnierzak Conservative Party 342
Rebecca Freeman Liberal Democrats 189
Cynthia Diminieux Liberal Democrats 150
Chris Newby TUSC 58


Hackney Central Ward

Eligible voters: 9,028
Turnout: 37.14%

Candidate Party Votes
Sophie Linden (elected) Labour Party 2,094
Ben Hayhurst (elected) Labour Party 2,082
Vincent Stops (elected) Labour Party 1,916
Christopher James Venables Green Party 751
George William Graham Green Party 738
Alec Rossiter Green Party 717
Reuben Thompson-Wood Liberal Democrats 240
James Lyons Liberal Democrats 202
Heather Elizabeth Whitelaw Conservative Party 190
Fadile Unek Conservative Party 184
Elzbieta Joanna Wancowicz Conservative Party 167


Hackney Downs Ward

Eligible voters: 9,341
Turnout: 39.84%

Candidate Party Votes
Michael Desmond (elected) Labour Party 2,115
Anna-Joy Rickard (elected) Labour Party 2,100
Rick Muir (elected) Labour Party 2,020
Alexander Brown Green Party 843
Stuart Coggins Green Party 834
Andrew Guise Green Party 719
Teena Lashmore Liberal Democrats 342
Mohammed Sadiq Liberal Democrats 293
Malcolm Garry Liberal Democrats 249
Duncan Gray Conservative Party 214
Amy Gray Conservative Party 214
Izabel Leosz Conservative Party 149


Hackney Wick Ward

Eligible voters: 9,000
Turnout: 32.58%

Candidate Party Votes
Chris Kennedy (elected) Labour Party 1,830
Jess Webb (elected) Labour Party 1,810
Nick Sharman (elected) Labour Party 1,700
Nicholas Hughes Green Party 634
Laura Helen Salisbury Green Party 524
Caroline Salem Green Party 446
Ahmed Idris Liberal Democrats 236
James Nicholas Kane Conservative Party 209
Jack Andrew Colson Conservative Party 203
Stanley David Lewry Conservative Party 194
Ben Mathis Liberal Democrats 165
Maria Sands Ibars Liberal Democrats 124

Margaret Rose Totter    




Haggerston Ward

Eligible voters: 9,246
Turnout: 34.91%

Candidate Party Votes
Barry Buitekant (elected) Labour Party 1,832
Jonathan McShane (elected) Labour Party 1,816
Ann Munn (elected) Labour Party 1,809
Heather Finlay Green Party 602
Andrew Fernandez Green Party 566
Gideon Corby Green Party 557
Doreen Bullock Conservative Party 362
Clarence George King Conservative Party 254
Timothy John Wright Conservative Party 244
Oktay Cinpolat TUSC 243
Joe Jordan Liberal Democrats 181
Geoffrey Gavin John Payne Liberal Democrats 131
Meyer Rapaport Liberal Democrats 94


Homerton Ward

Eligible voters: 8,658
Turnout: 37.49%

Candidate Party Votes
Robert Alan Chapman (elected) Labour Party 2,120
Guy Nicholson (elected) Labour Party 2,029
Sally Mulready (elected) Labour Party 1,993
Kevin Clark Green Party 548
John Devaney Green Party 527
Virginia Lopez Calvo Green Party 507
Stephen Arthur Selby Conservative Party 231
Melissa Harflett Liberal Democrats 216
Oluwagbemiro Igunnubole Conservative Party 201
Shuruj Miah Independent 194
Alina Zofia Nowobilski Conservative Party 187
Charlie Harris Liberal Democrats 183
Susan Jane Horowitz Liberal Democrats 126


Hoxton East & Shoreditch Ward

Eligible voters: 8,594
Turnout: 31.15%

Candidate Party Votes
Kam Adams (elected) Labour Party 1,588
Feryal Demirci (elected) Labour Party 1,421
Tom Ebbutt (elected) Labour Party 1,385
Thomas Bailey Green Party 444
Rachel Chance Green Party 392
Jonathan Cowdrill Green Party 358
Christopher Darlington Sills Conservative Party 356
Thomas Harvey Spiller Conservative Party 355
Jack Tinley Conservative Party 323
Peter Friend Liberal Democrats 185
John Clinch Liberal Democrats 185
Kat Bavage Liberal Democrats 172
Judith Beishon TUSC 126
Paul Mattsson TUSC 77


Hoxton West Ward

Eligible voters: 8,959
Turnout: 33.56%

Candidate Party Votes
Philip Glanville (elected) Labour Party 1,693
Clay McKenzie (elected) Labour Party 1,687
Carole Williams (elected) Labour Party 1,634
Kate Barnett Green Party 602
Matthew Butcher Green Party 487
Jeannine Moros-Noujaim Green Party 448
Reinier Johannes Cornelis Bosman Conservative Party 362
John Winston Howard Conservative Party 339
Sean Sullivan Conservative Party 326
Joseph Horowitz Liberal Democrats 190
Ben See Liberal Democrats 182
Antonio Silva Liberal Democrats 161
Jon Hughes TUSC 136


King's Park Ward

Eligible voters: 8,753
Turnout: 39.59%

Candidate Party Votes
Sharon Patrick (elected) Labour Party 2,290
Tom Rahilly (elected) Labour Party 2,068
Rebecca Rennison (elected) Labour Party 2,013
Ruth Grove-White Green Party 701
Peter Jones Green Party 684
Christopher Heaton Green Party 604
James Mac Daid Conservative Party 226
Andrew Cem Turgut Conservative Party 203
Sheena Sheikh Conservative Party 202
Jeff Pemberton Liberal Democrats 182
Vernon Williams Independent 134
Dave Raval Liberal Democrats 117


Lea Bridge Ward

Eligible voters: 9,966
Turnout: 39.48%

Candidate Party Votes
Margaret Gordon (elected) Labour Party 2,331
Ian Rathbone (elected) Labour Party 2,147
Deniz Oguzkanli (elected) Labour Party 2,073
Ruth Jenkins Green Party 1,055
Douglas Earl Green Party 985
David Mercer Green Party 859
Linda Kelly Conservative Party 391
Elyas Mangera Conservative Party 310
Piotr Turbak Conservative Party 197
Jeffrey Shenker Liberal Democrats 175
Robert Giles Hastings Liberal Democrats 169
Annoesjka Valent TUSC 161
Gita Jacobson Liberal Democrats 157


London Fields Ward

Eligible voters: 8,700
Turnout: 40.64%

Candidate Party Votes
Anntoinette Bramble (elected) Labour Party 2,153
M Can Ozsen (elected) Labour Party 1,915
Emma Plouviez (elected) Labour Party 1,891
Fatemeh Beyad Green Party 857
Alexandra Margaret Olive Green Party 761
Daniel Theophanous Green Party 625
Sandra Driver Liberal Democrats 331
David Dodkin Conservative Party 321
Alexander Ellis Conservative Party 313
Michael Doudeskos Conservative Party 297
Fero Firat TUSC 188
Tom Osborn Liberal Democrats 180
Charles Joseph Jacobson Liberal Democrats 138
Diana Lesley Swingler TUSC 120


Shacklewell Ward

Eligible voters: 6,160
Turnout: 39.33%

Candidate Party Votes
Michelle Gregory (elected) Labour Party 1,468
Richard Lufkin (elected) Labour Party 1,344
Joel Sharples Green Party 594
Hugh Douglas Grant-Peterkin Green Party 550
Mark Julian Aussenberg Conservative Party 132
Simon Molloy Liberal Democrats 125
Jamie Chamberlain Liberal Democrats 110
Agnieszka Rolkiewicz Conservative Party 107


Springfield Ward

Eligible voters: 9,605
Turnout: 46.82%

Candidate Party Votes
Simche Steinberger (elected) Conservative Party 2,145
Michael Levy (elected) Conservative Party 2,144
Harvey Odze (elected) Conservative Party 2,025
Ben Alden-Falconer Labour Party 1,708
David Larkin Labour Party 1,678
Michael Jones Labour Party 1,605
Christine Bacon Green Party 384
Noah Julian Birksted-Breen Green Party 317
Daniel Stern Green Party 313
Mary O'Brien Liberal Democrats 148
Dennis Donovan Liberal Democrats 127
Stuart Calvert Round Liberal Democrats 93


Stamford Hill West Ward

Eligible voters: 6,005
Turnout: 40.43%

Candidate Party Votes
Rosemary Sales (elected) Labour Party 1,105
Benzion Papier (elected) Conservative Party 953
Bernard Aussenberg Conservative Party 941
Joe Walker Labour Party 886
Cedric Knight Green Party 249
Craig Bayne Green Party 237
Noel Christopher O'Brien Liberal Democrats 89
Mark Nicholas Smulian Liberal Democrats 44


Stoke Newington Ward

Eligible voters: 10,080
Turnout: 43.85%

Candidate Party Votes
Louisa Thomson (elected) Labour Party 2,576
Susan Fajana-Thomas (elected) Labour Party 2,330
Mete Coban (elected) Labour Party 2,297
Danny Bates Green Party 1,270
Krysia Williams Green Party 1,143
Alexander Goodman Green Party 1,027
Irene May Lewington Conservative Party 319
Jan Morgan Liberal Democrats 278
Lillian Odze Conservative Party 224
Agnieszka Wypych Conservative Party 212
Imtyaz Lunat Liberal Democrats 206
Richard Morgan-Ash Liberal Democrats 190
Michael Cotter TUSC 173


Victoria Ward

Eligible voters: 9,000
Turnout: 37.98%

Candidate Party Votes
Will Brett (elected) Labour Party 2,096
Katie Hanson (elected) Labour Party 2,059
Geoff Taylor (elected) Labour Party 1,921
Helen Fiona Roberts Green Party 640
Zoe Hall Green Party 586
Wendy Louise Robinson Green Party 572
Winifred Saunders Conservative Party 278
Shahi Dewan Conservative Party 269
Sheila Priest UKIP 256
Heather Lynn James Liberal Democrats 186
Ian Francis Gaskin Liberal Democrats 165
Rumi Begum Conservative Party 151
Theodore Jacobson Liberal Democrats 114


Woodberry Down Ward

Eligible voters: 6,417
Turnout: 40.75%

Candidate Party Votes
Jon Burke (elected) Labour Party 1,653
Caroline Selman (elected) Labour Party 1,480
Efrayim Goldstein Conservative Party 460
Chaya Odze Conservative Party 419
Karen Rachel Kelly Moss Green Party 305
Anna Hughes Green Party 281
Topsy Coffer Liberal Democrats 108
Myall Alain Hornsby Liberal Democrats 78


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