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The Council is the Highway Authority and the Bridge Authority for the bridges we own.

There are other bridge owners and authorities. The largest are:

For bridges over disused railways, please contact:

Highways England Historical Railways Estate
Hudson House
Toft Green
York, YO1 6HP Tel: 0300 123 5000     

Bridges usually belong to whichever organisation needed them in the first place. If the organisation's closed down, the replacement organisation will normally own the bridge. They occasionally change hands, such as when responsibility for a route changes.

We inspect our bridges every two years or so, and draw up a maintenance plan. We investigate any damage, such as collisions, storm damage and so on, as soon as possible.

If you see someone damage a bridge in a vehicle, please report the vehicle's details to us - it may make it possible for us to claim the cost of repairs.

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Page updated: 4 Aug 2015 

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