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Council tax discounts  

Single person discount 

You can claim 25% off your council tax if you are the only person over 18 who lives in your home.

Claim or cancel your single person discount

Disregard discounts 

You may also qualify for a discount if either all or all but one of the residents are disregarded, (i.e. not included in the calculation of the council tax amount payable). The discount will normally be 25%, but there are occasions when this could rise to 50%. For further information regarding discounts, please contact us on 0208 356 3154.

Categories of people who may qualify to be disregarded include: 

  • Most full-time students
  • People who live with and care for someone else
  • Young people for whom child benefit is payable
  • People under 25 who receive training under the national traineeship scheme
  • Apprentices
  • Student nurses
  • Foreign language assistants
  • People who leave school after 30 April and start a course of further education before 30 October of the same year
  • People who are detained in prison or under the Mental Health Acts
  • Patients who live in a hospital, care-home, nursing home or mental nursing home
  • Residents of night shelters or hostels
  • Members of religious communities who have no income or savings (for example, monks and nuns)
  • Diplomats and their spouses, if not a British citizen
  • People who are severely mentally impaired
  • Care workers employed via a charity or local authority

If all the residents of a property are eligible to be disregarded, your council tax may be reduced by 50%.

If all residents are students or severely mentally impaired, the property will be exempt.

Note: People who qualify for discounts are still liable to pay the balance of the council tax that is due. 


Generally students are not liable for council tax. There are some exceptions to this - please contact us for further clarification. 

Partners of students 

If a student is married to someone from abroad, has a civil partner, or dependants from abroad, we may not count them for council tax purposes if their visa stops them working, claiming benefit or having `recourse to public funds'. 


From April 2014 if there is a dwelling that forms part of a single property and is being used by you as part of your sole or main residence or is the sole or main residence of a relative you may be entitled to a 50% discount on that dwelling.

Empty properties 

If you own a property that no one lives in you may be entitled to a discount or exemption. 

If your property is furnished you have to pay the full council tax. However, in some cases, you may get a 50% discount, for example, a property left unoccupied in order to occupy a job related property elsewhere.  

If your property is substantially unfurnished then you can apply for a 100% discount for up to 30 days. If it remains empty for two years or more owners will have a premium of 50% added to their bill.

There are circumstances when an unoccupied property would be exempt from council tax. See council tax exemptions.

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Page updated: 2 Dec 2015 

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