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You can pay online for the below services: 

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The online payments service is a secure website and it will not be possible for any unauthorised person to access details of your payment.

To make using online payments even more secure we automatically instruct most Internet browsers to no longer cache personal information (i.e. store information in their memory).

Although we are able to do this in the majority of cases, we strongly advise that after you have completed payment you return to the online payments home page using the link on the final page.

If you are using a computer in a public place, we strongly advise you to make sure you are not being watched by someone as you enter your card details. This is to prevent your details being misused by someone else.

MasterCard® SecureCodeT & Verified by VISA

The online payment system uses the MasterCard® SecureCodeT & Verified by VISA service to give an added level of protection when making payments online.

To benefit from the additional security offered by these schemes you will need to register with the bank that issued your payment card. Registered users will see an additional screen appear when making their payment. This screen will ask some security questions that will verify the user before the payment is processed.

These schemes and the associated web pages are hosted and operated by VISA and MasterCard®. The password and answer to security questions that you provide when processing a payments using MasterCard® SecureCodeT & Verified by VISA is not passed to the London Borough of Hackney. All enquiries including password and registration problems should be directed to the bank that issued your payment card. Please click on the logos on the main online payment pages for more information.

Not all customers will be able to register their cards but you will be able to continue using the Hackney Online Payment Service in the normal way.

Screen Resolution

To view the online payments screens in full your screen resolution should be set to 1024 x 768 pixels as a minimum. If your screen is set to a lower resolution than this, you will have to use scroll bars to see the full contents of each screen.

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Page updated: 9 Nov 2014 

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