Governance and resources scrutiny commission

The commission's remit is largely internal, focusing on services such as finance, ICT, human resources, and legal services.  Evidence is often sought from other boroughs to help us examine how effectively the council is run, and ensure that the public is getting value for money from services.

Current reviews

Delivering public services - whole place, whole system approach review

The commission decided to take a step back from smaller targeted reviews of particular issues, to take a longer view and look more broadly at how effectively the Hackney pound was being spent locally. The delivering public services - whole place, whole system approach review set out to explore the barriers to what has become known as 'whole place' thinking. This review intended to help the Council deal with two fundamental challenges: first, big cuts in public expenditure and second, more complex social challenges that require a very different approach from the Council, other public agencies and the wider community.

Previous reviews

Full work programme and meetings

You can view the commission's full work programme for the year on the agenda for each meeting of the commission.

One-off items

The commission also devotes a substantial amount of time each year to scrutinising the budget process. This includes examining savings proposals that come forward, monitoring financial forecasts, and holding the council to account for delivering its agreed budget and savings.

Some recent examples include:

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