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Housing advice

Because of the shortage of housing in Hackney, we cannot offer a house to everyone who has a housing problem but we can work with you to see if we can find you an alternative solution.

If you think you will become homeless we will try everything to help to stop this happening.

Everyone with a housing need will be offered a housing options interview where we will explore a range of housing solutions to assist you. 

We can offer: 

  • Advice and assistance to people looking for somewhere to live
  • Realistic, up-to-date and in-depth advice on housing and how to pay for it
  • Full housing option service covering:
    • Private renting
    • Low cost home ownership
    • Mobility options
    • Supported housing
  • Assistance with keeping your home
  • Personalised referrals to other sections if we cannot help you  
Contact us for housing advice


How you can help us to help you 

At busy times we may only be able to give you brief initial advice when you first contact us. If your problem is urgent please try and contact us early in the morning.

We cannot usually give detailed advice to Hackney Council tenants as this is provided by neighbourhood housing offices.

Council and housing association accommodation 

We can give you advice about council and housing association rented accommodation but there is a severe shortage of these types of housing. This means that we also give advice about finding private accommodation, or about improving conditions in your present home.

Once you have had your application registered, depending on your circumstances you may be eligible to bid for vacant council housing association properties. For more information about this please call 020 8356 2135. 

Get advice early 

Many people lose their homes, or rights to be re-housed by the Council, because they wait too long before getting advice.

The more information you give us, the quicker we are able to give you proper advice. Please let us see any useful documents as soon as you can. The first tenancy agreement your landlord gave you, any letters from a landlord, friend or relative who wants you to leave, proof of your income, including any benefits you are getting, rent book or other record of rent paid, proof of your previous and present addresses etc. may all help process your application.

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Page updated: 3 Aug 2015