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Bid for properties - Hackney Choice 

Hackney Choice is a choice based lettings scheme which gives applicants on the housing waiting/transfer list more choice and control over where they live. It allows applicants to apply for available properties which are advertised, rather than wait to be allocated a home.

To bid for properties you must be on the housing register / transfer list. Find out how you can add yourself to the register.

Bid now

Visit East London Lettings Company to browse and bid for properties.

See free internet and computer access for a list of locations where you can access the internet and computers for free in Hackney.

More information

Read the following FAQs for more information:

  1. Introduction to Hackney Choice
  2. How to register on the scheme
  3. How we assess your application
  4. How to view details of available properties
  5. How to bid for properties
  6. Bidding penalties
  7. How we decide the winning bids
  8. Affordable rents properties
  9. Housingmoves scheme

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Page updated: 29 Jan 2016 

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