If I have any changes - benefits


If you currently receive housing benefit or council tax reduction and there is a change in any of your personal circumstances, you must let us know as soon as possible. 

Report a change of circumstances

To report a change, you will need to register with our One Account and subscribe to your benefit account.

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The types of changes you should tell us about include:

Tax credits changes 

The tax credit office regularly reviews the amount of tax credit you receive. Once you receive a letter from them, please contact us, as it may affect your housing benefit or council tax reduction. 

Moving address

If you move home or have a change in address you must tell us immediately in writing. Complete and return a change of address form:

If you would like a form posted to you, please call 020 8356 3399.

If you have had other changes in your circumstances since last time you claimed then you need to tell us this as well.  

Income support/job seekers allowance has stopped 

If job seekers allowance (income based) or income support has stopped, then you need to let us know as soon as possible.

You should also provide proof of your new income and any savings you may have. 

Changes to your income or savings 

If your savings and/or income has changed (not income support or job seekers allowance) you should contact us, notify us either in writing or directly. We will require you to provide proof. 

Change to your rent

If private rent charges change then you should confirm the rent changes in writing. Proof of the new rent level will be required. 

Changes to the people living with you 

If you or your partner leave the household, then a new form should be completed by the person remaining in the home. It will be likely that your income will have changed and details and proof will be required.

If a non-dependant or a dependant leave the household, you need to contact us to let us know what date they left and their forwarding address.

This is also the case if a boarder, tenant, sub-tenant or care leaver.

The service may not be able to remove someone from an address without details of their forwarding address and if you are unable to provide a forwarding address you will have to provide an explanation.

Absence from home

With effect from 28 July 2016 you will need to tell us if you or your partner leave Great Britain for a period of 4 weeks or more. After 28 July entitlement to housing benefit will cease if a claimant is absent from the country for over 4 weeks.

If your absence is within Great Britain, you can still be away for up to 13 weeks as long as you intend to return to your home, and have not sublet. However you should still inform us that you will be away.

Tell us of a change as soon as possible

We need to be informed of all changes in your circumstances as soon as possible. If you delay it could lead to an overpayment that you will need to pay back. If you fail to report a change of circumstances within a month of the change, you may lose benefit as a result. 

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