Healthier Hackney fund - public health community grant scheme

The healthier Hackney fund community grants programme supports community and voluntary organisations in running projects that tackle the complex health challenges that Hackney's population face. 

It was developed as a new approach to working with organisations in the voluntary and community sector (VCS) and social enterprises, and a new way for the council to improve our commissioned services. The programme is based on the principle that organisations at the heart of the community have strong connections to residents, fresh ideas for unique projects to deal with challenging health issues, and the experience to work with different community groups.

The third healthier hackney fund launched on 20 September 2016 at Arcola Theatre, for projects that will be delivered from April 2017. 

Applications for 2017/18 funding for projects that will be delivered from April 2017 are now closed. 

Grant streams

Healthy activities

The healthy activities fund is a grant of up to £30,000 to run practical activities that will address a given priority health issue. One aim of healthy activities is to allow healthy ideas projects from the previous year of the grant to apply for funding and put their tested concept into action. The 2 priority issues for the 2017/18 fund are the wider causes of obesity and community resilience. The priority issues for projects that are currently being funded are sexual health and substance misuse.

Healthy ideas

The healthy ideas fund is a grant of up to £12,000, focused on different health issues each year, to develop and pilot a new approach to tackling a given priority health issue in Hackney. The priority health issue for the 2017/18 fund is health literacy - supporting residents to access, understand and act upon health guidance. The projects currently being funded focus on addressing the wider causes of obesity, or building community resilience to a particular health risk.

Healthy neighbourhoods

The healthy neighbourhoods fund is a £1,000 kickstart grant for neighbourhood projects that will get residents helping each other to be healthier. Projects that have previously received funding have been wide ranging and have included the setting up of fitness classes, community food growing schemes, health awareness days, wellbeing activities for older residents, and exercise sessions for residents with physical or learning disabilities.

The application process

We ask all applicants to read the following documents:

There is a two-stage process for the healthy activities and healthy ideas streams. These streams are now closed to new applications.

Stage 1

  • organisations submit a brief expression of interest outlining the premise of their bid
  • expressions of interest are shortlisted, and successful groups are invited to present a short pitch to a panel.

Stage 2

Stage 2 will be a longer written application form where applicants who pass the pitch phase can provide more information on the project's outcomes, outputs and proposed budgets. A final decision will be based on this application form.

Support for funded organisations

The fund also offers non-financial support to funded organisations, referred to as 'funding plus'. Depending on the funding stream, organisations will be offered a council officer as a 'single point of contact' to support with running their project and troubleshooting, a councillor champion who will promote their work, and skills support from a 'secondee'- a council officer who provides 5 days of intensive support to the organisation on site.

Resources to support your bid

You may wish to use the following resources to help your bid:

Overview of the application process

Support with your application

HackneyCVS, an independent voluntary organisation, are available to provide advice and support to VCS organisations interested in applying. They can also advise on developing any of the policy documents which the Council requires grant applicants to have in place.

For more information contact Hackney CVS on 020 7923 1962 or visit HackneyCVS.

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