Home ownership

If you're a tenant of Hackney Council or of a housing association in Hackney and are interested in buying a newly-built shared ownership home from the Council, please contact our agent (Metropolitan) on 020 3535 2555.

These shared ownership properties, built at Chervil House, Shepherds Lane, by Hackney Council and managed by Hackney Homes, are now being marketed to Hackney residents, with priority given to the groups listed further down this page.

FIRST STEPS to home ownership in London

FIRST STEPS is the free government service for London's first time buyers looking to buy a home for less than on the open market.

With options available to buy or rent a home through partner housing providers in Hackney and across London, you could be taking your FIRST STEPS sooner than you think. For more information about the products available visit FIRST STEPS

How do you know if you are eligible? 

Generally, you must meet the following criteria to be eligible for FIRST STEPS:  

  • your household income is less than £71,000 a year, or less than £85,000 a year if you are buying a property with three or more bedrooms
  • you are a first-time buyer, or a homeowner who needs to move because of a change in your family's circumstances (in which case you must sell your existing property)

Priority will be given to applicants living in London who are: 

  • social tenants - council and housing association tenants
  • serving MoD personnel (uniformed)
  • from one of Hackney's priority groups, which are: 
    • households in temporary accommodation
    • households with a high priority on the waiting list - within this group, we would wish to give greater priority to the adult dependants of overcrowded households, as re-housing these dependents may mean the household is no longer overcrowded and in need of re-housing
    • keyworkers
    • borough residents

How do I apply?

You will need to register your details on FIRST STEPS.

Once completed you will be able to search for available properties and contact the relevant sales teams for further information.

New build homes or resale homes

New build homes or resale homes are available on a part-buy, part-rent basis, from housing associations - please see the brochures below:

Other organisations

Contact the organisations below to search for homes available in Hackney:

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