If you think you are going to become homeless or are homeless, you should try to get help from the Council or any other advice agency as soon as possible.

You may be entitled to direct help from the Council, providing you meet all the requirements under the Homelessness Act. Otherwise, you will only be entitled to advice and assistance in finding accommodation. Find more details in our FAQs and homelessness strategy.

Arrange an appointment

To arrange an appointment, contact us either by phone or in person using the details on this page.

Other help, support and advice

If you're concerned about someone sleeping rough or you are sleeping rough yourself, you can tell Street Link about it and they will offer help, support and advice.

Homelessness prevention 

Sometimes there are ways of preventing or delaying becoming homeless, for instance:

  • getting timely advice before the problem gets any worse
  • finding out what your rights are to stay in your home
  • applying for benefits to help you pay your rent or mortgage
  • getting help to improve the conditions in your home
  • contacting your landlord if you are a tenant and there is a problem
  • contacting your mortgage lender if you are a homeowner and there is danger of losing your home
  • finding somewhere else to live

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