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Garden SEN School

The Garden Special Educational Needs (SEN) School

"The Garden" special educational needs (SEN) school is an amalgamation of the "Horizon" and "Downsview" facilities into a single School offering nursery, primary and secondary education.

It is an entirely new building located on the site of the existing Horizon SEN on Wordsworth Road, Stoke Newington. It is two-storey high forming a front to both Wordsworth Road (main access) and Prince George Road.

It includes two separated courtyards for early years/ primary ("north") and secondary ("south") blocks accordingly.

The Garden (formerly Horizon School) case study (PDF, 670KB)

Intake will have severe learning difficulties and communication and interaction difficulties, including autism, complex and severe learning difficulties and disabilities.

The school will accommodate 150 pupils of ages from 2-19.

Pupils at this school will have complex and often inter-related learning difficulties. The majority will have a diagnosis of one or more of the following:

  • autism or social communication difficulties; and/or
  • severe learning difficulties

Some pupils may have moderate learning difficulties. However, in this case, they will also have identified additional inter-related learning difficulties, such as severe autism, ADHD, making their special educational needs complex and requiring specialist curriculum.

Pupils at the school will not normally be able to have access to the national curriculum at an appropriate level and will require a developmental and/or autism specific curriculum. Where there is an unclear diagnosis, but an identified need for specialist provision, some pupils may be placed at the school for the purpose of assessment.

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Page updated: 9 Sep 2013 

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