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How we decide the winning bids 

When the bidding closes at midnight Monday, the computer will make a list of all the bidders for each property.  The successful bidder will be the person in the highest band with the oldest date in that band. We then check to confirm you are 'eligible'.  

After these checks have been completed, we contact the top five eligible bidders by letter or telephone, usually within a week, to invite them for a viewing.   

How will I know if my bid was successful?  

After we have completed our checks we contact the top five eligible bidders by letter or telephone, usually within a week, to invite them for a viewing. The quickest and most reliable way for us to contact you is by telephone, so please tell us if you change your number.

Sometimes all top bidders are shown around the property at the same time. This is called a 'multiple viewing'.  You will be advised of your position before the viewing. The person at the top of the list will be offered the property first.  If it is refused, it is then offered to the second person on the list and so forth.  

Will you let me know the result of my bid(s) if I'm not successful? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to tell everyone the outcome of individual bids unless they are successful as there are many hundreds of bids every week.

However, you can view your final bidding position on the internet by going to 'log in' and entering your housing registration number and date of birth.  Your position for any bids made in the current week will be shown on the page called 'your account'.

To check your position for bids made in previous weeks, go to 'click here to see your historic bids'.  You will see a list of the dates, click on a week to see which properties you made a bid for that week and then you can see your final bidding position.

If you don't have access to the internet you can ring 020 8356 2135.   

I was the top bidder, why wasn't I successful? 

When the list of bidders is received, the Council checks up to five of the top bidders for each property.  You may not have been successful if any of the following apply and should seek further advice:

  • You have rent arrears
  • You have any record of anti social behaviour
  • You don't have a local connection to Hackney
  • You don't have the correct immigration status

Priority for ground floor or some first floor properties with lifts will be given to those assessed as needing them if they are in the same band as the highest bidders.

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Page updated: 4 Sep 2012 

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