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The commission has a remit for all housing issues, as well as leisure and culture, planning, sustainability, waste and street cleanliness.

Scrutiny of flooding in Stoke Newington event, Islington Town Hall 18 January, 7pm

A water main burst on the 11 December caused flooding to a number of businesses and properties in Stoke Newington and for a major road to be closed for some time. This followed a separate water main burst in the area of Angel in Islington on the 5 December which caused severe flooding and long lasting diversions of traffic from Upper Street. Thames Water are responsible for the management and maintenance of the failed pipework which caused the floods.

Councillors on 2 separate committees - the Living in Hackney scrutiny commission in Hackney and Islington Council's policy and performance scrutiny committee - are carrying out a joint session to question Thames Water. This will be focused on exploring any underlying causes of the incidents and the work of Thames Water to manage their assets and reduce the risk of similar incidents in future.

This is a public meeting to which everyone is welcome.

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The records of the meeting will be published here at a later point.

Opportunity for residents to question Thames Water - a separate session on 6 February

The meeting on 18 January has been arranged to explore the extent to which, on a general level, Thames Water are working to help ensure that the risks of similar events occurring in future are as low as possible. This will be led by Members of the 2 Committees although members of the public are very welcome to observe.

However, Councillors also fully appreciate the importance of ensuring that local residents and businesses are given full opportunity to speak to Thames Water, in a Hackney setting. This will be a forum in which to discuss any individual cases. We have therefore invited Thames Water to an event on 6 February, 7pm. Councillors will be present at this meeting. The venue is still being finalised and will be advertised here and in other publicity once it is confirmed. 

Current review

Air quality review

Air pollution can be defined as 'the presence in or introduction into the air of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects'.

Significant shares of Hackney (and London) have levels of air pollution which exceed legal limits. It is estimated that the issue caused the equivalent of up to 9,400 deaths in London in 2010.

Find out more about the air quality review.

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Full work programme and meetings

You can view the commission's full work programme for the year on the agenda for each of its meetings.

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