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Understanding parking restrictions

In this section you will find out about different types of parking restrictions in Hackney and what you need to do to ensure you don't receive a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice).

For further information on road restrictions not shown here please refer to your Highway Code.

General parking restrictions

> What is a parking zone (PZ)?
> Restricted parking zones
> Permit holder areas without bay markings
> Single and double yellow lines
> Loading restrictions
> Red routes

On street parking bays

> Resident permit bays
> General permit bays
> Shared use parking bays
> Pay and display only bays

> Disabled persons bays
> Doctors bays
> Two-wheeled motorcycle-only bays
> Loading bays

On street parking bays

Loading bays

Loading bays are located close to shopping areas to allow commercial vehicles to load and unload goods. Loading bays are generally enforced 24/7, unless otherwise stated by a sign plate.

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Page updated: 12 Nov 2013 

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