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Frequently Asked Questions about London Fields Lido

Do you have to be a member to use the lido?

No, you don't have to be a member to use the Lido, but there are a number of membership options available, which make it cheaper. See the Leisure Centre Membership page for more information.

What time does it open and how long can we stay?

For opening times visit the GLL Website. We have divided the day into sessions which will allow as many people as possible to enjoy this facility.

What do you do when it is raining or bad weather?

The Lido will generally be open throughout the year whatever the weather. In exceptional circumstances we may have to close - for example, during very high winds or very low visibility. A more seasonal occurrence is lightening, in which case the pool will be temporarily closed until the storm has passed.

What is the difference between a 'fitness swim' and 'general swim'?

A fitness swim is lane swimming; the pool has lanes for fast, medium, slow and mixed. Those who can swim 25 metres competently unaided are allowed into these sessions. It is aimed at the more serious swimmer who wants to maintain lane discipline. A general swim is for all customers. If the general swim is not busy then two lanes will be put into the pool.

Why do you close over the lunch period in the holiday times?

The Lido is a tremendously popular facility which, in the holiday periods operates busy sessions. Switching from one activity to the next may require the closure of the pool, to allow customers to leave the pool safely, staff to remove equipment, clean the changing rooms and ensure a turnover of customers. This last point is particularly important for the Lido - we wish to ensure that as many members of the community have access to the pool as possible during the holidays.

What temperature is the pool?

The water is maintained at 25c.

How big is the pool?

The pool is 17m wide and 50m long. It is 2m at its deepest and 1m at the shallow end.

Can children come on their own?

Yes, children can come on their own but our standard 'Swim Safely' rules apply:

  • non-swimmers and under-8s must be accompanied by a competent adult swimmer
  • no more than two non-swimmers or under-8s to each competent adult swimmers
  • the competent adult swimmers must actively supervise under-8s and non-swimmers
  • non-swimmers must remain in shallow water and it is strongly recommended that they use armbands and/or rubber rings
  • a competent adult swimmer must be aged 16 years+

Can you hire sunloungers?

No - there are no sunloungers available to hire.

Is there a café and are picnics allowed?

We have two cafés, one at the shallow end and one at the deep end of the pool. The café at the deep end serves food to both Lido users and people outside it (via a counter at the front the building).

Picnics are not allowed. Please use the facilities provided or take the opportunity to picnic in the park.

Where can we park?

There is some limited on-street parking (metered). However the Lido is within easy walking distance of both Hackney Central and London Fields stations.

Are there items for sale at the Lido?

Items available to buy from the reception include goggles, armbands, swim rings, and nappies.

For further information about the London Fields Lido and membership options please visit or call reception on the number on the right.

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Page updated: 6 Aug 2012 

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