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Payment systems upgrade

We will be unable to accept payments online, by phone or in person between 3pm on 25 February and 8am on 27 February 2014 while an important software upgrade takes place. This will ensure that our payment systems run smoothly and efficiently in future and to reduce any further disruption.

We appreciate that this will cause inconvenience to many people and offer our apologies. Unfortunately it was not possible to carry out these improvements over the course of a weekend.

We hope that the advance notice will allow you to make other arrangements for payments.

Which services does this affect?

This affects all Council services, whether paid online, over the phone or in person, including rent, council tax, parking permits or fines and registrars services. It will not affect scheduled direct debit or standing order arrangements.

How else can I pay?

  • Self-service kiosksIf you have a paying in slip, you may be able to pay at selected branches of banks and building societies. Alternatively you can pay over the counter at the Post Office.
  • If you have a payment card, you will still be able to use PayPoint machines.
  • You can pay some bills (excluding parking permits or fines) at the self service kiosks in the cashier's office at 2 Hillman Street, although payments will not be available over the counter at this time.

What if my payment is due between 25-27 February?

We would advise people to make arrangements to either pay early or use one of the payment methods above if available.

If this is not possible we will take into account these disruptions to ensure that nobody is unfairly penalised for delays in payment caused by the systems upgrade.

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Page updated: 5 Mar 2014 

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