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Children playing in a street

Play streets

Children in Hackney are set to reclaim the streets, thanks to a groundbreaking scheme that closes selected streets to through traffic, turning them into play streets.

Apply now for a play street order, which allows you to close your street for up three hours per week or month.

A mother and child jumpingApplying for a play street order

Talk to your neighbours and explain what you want to do. Our application pack (Word, 59KB) includes a template letter you could use to send to them. The street won't be closed completely; people living on the street can still drive to and from their homes. You will need to recruit friends or neighbours to help on the day; there has to be someone at each end of the street to warn cars.

You can also download a support petition template (Word, 31KB).

Complete the application pack (Word, 59KB) and email it to

If your application is approved, we will give you road closure signs to put up on the day.

Stoke Newington resident Claudia Draper runs a monthly play street on Oldfield Road. If you have any questions on setting up a play street, from convincing your neighbours to the practicalities on the day email or join the Hackney playing out Facebook group. You should also take a look at Playing Out; the not-for-profit information and advice resource for street play.

Children playing in the streetBenefits of play streets

See Playing Out for lots of information about street play and why playing in streets can be good for children. Play streets:

  • allow children to play near home
  • give children the space to play energetically
  • increase sense of community by bringing neighbours together.

Play streets in Hackney

Click on the map to see where play streets are already in action.

View Play streets in Hackney in a larger map

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Page updated: 23 Sep 2014 

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