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Private Roads/Streets 

A private road is a road that is not maintained by the Council and is usually unadopted. These roads are generally in a condition not meeting the standard of other adopted roads within the borough. The responsibility for private roads/streets lies with the road owners. These are usually the people who live on the road/street. 

How do I report a private Road/Street that is unsafe? 

This is usually the responsibility of the owner (usually the frontager). If the problem is thought to be a 'danger' (for example a deep hole in the road suddenly appearing) the Council can arrange to make safe by placing barriers or road closures around the hazard. However, the permanent remedials are then to be carried out by the owner/s. You can contact us on 020 8356 2897 or online via the Roads and pavements defect reporting form. 

How do I report a problem with gullies and drains on a private Road/Street? 

If thought to be dangerous (for example missing gully lid) the Council will arrange to make the problem safe and then the owner will need to make permanent remedials. You can contact us on 020 8356 2897 or online via the Road drain or gully fault form. 

How do I get a private road/street adopted? 

To get a road or street adopted the road or street must be constructed to adoptable standards. The costs of constructing a road/street to adoptable standards must be met by the road/street owners/residents.

The Council generally does not have a budget for this and cannot be of any financial help.

If you have any query regarding a footpath or pavement, please contact us using the details on the right. 

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Page updated: 10 Feb 2016 

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