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Compostable liners

Free compostable liners for blue bins

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How do I use compostable liners?

1. Put a liner in your kitchen caddy.
2. Start filling it with food waste.
3. When its full, tie the top of the bag.
4. Put it in your large outdoor blue bin, ready for collection.

Diagram showing how to use compostable liners

The liners are made from corn starch which breaks down in the composting process. 

Do not use plastic bags - they will not be collected. They will not rot down and cause problems.

Can I buy my own compostable liners?

Yes, as long as they are certified compostable liners with the seedling logo. Remember to buy the correct size - seven litre for the kitchen caddy or 25 litre for the large blue bin. 

They are available at most major supermarkets and some local shops.

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Page updated: 4 Dec 2014 

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