Register to vote


How do I register?

Registering to vote is quick and easy. It takes just a few minutes online. You will need to provide your National Insurance number, which can be found on your National Insurance card, on your payslip or letters about benefits or tax credits.

Register now on

Alternatively, you can print off the registration forms, or collect copies from Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, E8 1DY. It is much quicker to register online. 

We will write to you to confirm that you have been successfully added to the electoral register. If we are unable to confirm your identity, we will write to you to request proof of ID.   

You must re-register to vote every time you change address. Even if you pay council tax, you're not automatically registered to vote.

The electoral register

There are two versions of the electoral register - the full register and the open register.

The full register 

The full register lists everyone who is entitled to vote. You can view it at any of the following venues. No appointment is required.

Hackney Archives
Dalston CLR James Library and Hackney Archives
Dalston Square
E8 3BQ
Viewing times: Tuesday-Thursday, 9.30am-5.30pm, Fri 9.30am-1pm, Sat 10am-5pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

Electoral Services
Hackney Town Hall
Mare Street
E8 1EA
Viewing times: Monday-Friday, between 9am-5pm.

Only certain people and organisations can have copies of the full register and they can only use it for specified purposes. These include electoral purposes, the prevention and detection of crime and checking your identity when you have applied for credit.

The open register 

The open register leaves out the names and addresses of people who have asked for them to be excluded from the version of the register. It can be bought by anyone who asks for a copy and they may use it for any purpose. 

You can view it at any library in Hackney.

Please note that you will be supervised while viewing and only handwritten notes can be taken.