School streets

School streets is a proposed scheme where the road outside a school is closed to traffic at school opening and closing times. Closing the street to school and through traffic would help to achieve a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone using the street whilst maintaining access for residents, businesses, pedestrians and cyclists.

Primary schools in Hackney were invited to apply to take part. Thirteen expressed their interest and two schools have been selected to pilot the scheme this year:

  • St John the Baptist School, Crondall Street, N1 6JG
  • Tyssen Community Primary School, Oldhill Street, N16 6LR

The Crondall Street consultation is open now. Oldhill Street will be consulted on later this year.

Crondall Street School Street consultation

How will it work?

We are proposing to make the street in front of the school a pedestrian and cycle-only zone at set times in the morning and afternoon. Times will vary depending on the school and the location.

Vehicles will not be able to enter the street between these times unless they have been given an exemption. Vehicles already parked in the street before the times of operation will be able to exit the street.

We'll use signs to inform drivers of the restrictions before the entrance to the closed street. Non-registered vehicles entering the street during the times of operation will be identified by camera and issued a fixed penalty notice. Vehicles already parked in the street before the times of operation will be able to exit the street without incurring a fixed penalty notice.  

What if I live on a school street?

Residents and businesses in the affected street will be able to apply, free of charge, for an exemption for a vehicle or vehicles registered to their address. This will allow you to drive that vehicle (and only that vehicle) in the street when it is closed to other traffic.

Vehicles driven by friends and family visiting a resident will not be permitted to drive in the street during the times it is closed to other traffic, with the exception of blue badge holders.

Why are changes being proposed?

The schools selected have asked to be part of the trial because they experience road safety issues and, in some cases, poor local air quality. The aim is to improve air local quality and encourage healthy lifestyles by making more people walk, cycle or use public transport for journeys to school.

How can I have my say?

The schools that want school streets will write to all parents with more information so they can have their say.

If you're a resident or business in the affected street you will receive consultation information in the post and be able to complete a survey.

Drop-in sessions will be organised at the participating schools where you can talk Council staff about the scheme, ask questions and give your views. 

What happens next?

If the trials go ahead, residents and businesses on the streets affected will receive information in the post so they can supply the registration number of their vehicle before the scheme comes into operation.

I am interested in school streets at my school. How do I apply?

When we have evaluated the success of the pilot, we will decide whether to roll out the scheme to other schools in the borough. Not all schools will be suitable for school streets. However, if you would like your child's school to be considered for a school street, please contact the Head.

Page updated: 04/05/2017 14:01:50