Supplementary planning documents (SPD) and other planning guidance


Supplementary planning documents will be produced to support existing policy found in development plan documents. SPD that are adopted or currently under development are listed below:

Other planning guidance 

The Council has also prepared additional planning guidance to provide detailed design principles for specific sites. While this planning guidance does not form part of the statutory local plan, it forms a material consideration in the assessment of planning applications. The following planning guidance have been adopted:

Affordable housing supplementary planning document (2005)

The document forms the basis for negotiations of affordable housing provision on all proposals for residential and mixed use developments in the borough. The output of affordable housing is reviewed yearly in the authority monitoring report.

This interim position statement was noted by the cabinet in July 2011. Upon its adoption, the development management local plan superseded this interim position statement.

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Finsbury Park town centre supplementary planning document (2014)

The Finsbury Park town centre SPD aims to improve the town centre, the station and the surrounding public spaces, create new homes, jobs and training opportunities make the most of the historic buildings and improve links between the town centre and Finsbury Park.

The SPD area falls largely within Islington, but includes parts of Haringey and Hackney. The Hackney area includes the eastern side of Blackstock Road and part of Seven Sisters Road just beyond the junction with Wilberforce Road. Most of this combined area is designated as a District Town Centre in Hackney's adopted core strategy and as secondary shopping frontage in Hackney's adopted development management local plan. 

The Finsbury Park town centre supplementary planning document (SPD) has been adopted by Islington, Haringey and Hackney Councils. Haringey Council adopted the SPD on 25 June 2014, Islington Council adopted the document on 16 July 2014 and Hackney Council adopted the document on 21 July 2014. 

Visit Finsbury Park town centre supplementary planning document (Islington Council) for more information.

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Public realm strategy SPD (2012) 

Adopted by cabinet on 27 February 2012, the SPD should be used when  proposing and evaluating development proposals that impact on the public realm, whether initiated by the public or private sector. 

Residential extensions and alterations supplementary planning document (2009)

The continual adaptation of the existing building stock is an essential part of helping to meet changing demands for housing in an evolving society and a changing community.

It is therefore essential that extensions and alterations to Hackney's buildings enhance and protect the positive qualities and characteristics of both individual dwellings as well as the wider townscape of which they form part.

The SPD provides clear up-to-date, consistent and relevant borough wide guidance, in line with government advice and best practice. It will help in providing applicants with a clearer understanding of the Council's requirements, with the aim of improving the quality of applications and the consistency and speed of decisions, whilst protecting both residential amenity and townscape quality.

Guidance in Chapter 3 for Front Roof Slopes was written after we conducted a detailed street survey.

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South Shoreditch supplementary planning document (2006)

Adopted on 1 February 2006, the SPD identifies a 10 year vision for South Shoreditch and provides clear planning guidance for the area. 

Bishopsgate Goods Yard planning and design guidance 

The guidance for Bishopsgate Goods Yard was adopted by Cabinet on 23 November 2009. The document was prepared through partnership working with Tower Hamlets and the Greater London Authority.

The purpose of this guidance is help guide future development, infrastructure provision, and provide a high-level framework for the regeneration of the site. The document provides guidance on a range of matters, including mix of uses, building heights, urban design principles, and the location of future open space and public realm. Overall, it provides a planning and design rationale that plans for the site as a whole, rather than in a piecemeal manner.

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Dalston Lane Terrace  

In 2012 the borough's planning sub-committee granted planning permission and conservation area consent for 44 new homes and 1,029sqm of retail space on the site. A development partner was appointed later in 2012, and amendments to the scheme were approved by Hackney's planning sub-committee in March 2014.

The Council sought a compulsory purchase order (CPO) to complete the approved regeneration scheme. A public inquiry was held by a government-appointed inspector on 15 and 16 July 2014 to determine the CPO.

Dalston Western Curve

The guidance was adopted by Cabinet on the 26 October 2009. The purpose of this guidance is to provide detailed planning and design guidance for potential developers in and around Dalston Western Curve, a key area of Dalston subject to imminent railway development, as identified in the Dalston area action plan (phase 1) masterplan.

Development above and around the Western Curve will help contribute to the regeneration of Dalston. Although not part of the Council's Local Development Framework (LDF), the document is a material consideration in the assessment of future planning applications.