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Postcode Plots 

Request a Postcode Plot or Walking Zone map.

Postcode Plots

We can produce a Postcode Plot for your school to show not only where pupils are travelling from but their actual mode of travel to school.

Postcode plots can be helpful for:

  • Checking the catchment area of the school and the potential for cycling and walking
  • Finding out if pupils living close to the school are still being driven to school
  • Seeing if pupils live in clusters or along corridors and could possibly travel together (organic walking buses)
  • Identifying if pupils lives near bus routes

Walking Zone maps

We can also produce Walking Zone Maps with show key walking distances and times from the school, to use to encourage parents to walk their children to school if they live within the 1km 'walking zone' and to 'park and stride' if not.

Parent leaflets

We can create a bespoke parent leaflet for your school and this could include your Walking Zone map and/or Postcode Plot. An example of this leaflet (double sided - walking zone map would be on the reverse) can be found below:

 parent leaflet with Walking Zone example (Word, 801KB)

Key messages about the benefits of walking and the dangers of dropping off directly outside the school can be highlighted, as well giving practical information and advice, e.g. about how long it would take to walk to school.

How to request

For LEA schools the Learning Trust has provided us with the data required so all you need to do is email us at with your request. Please also mention if you would like a printed A1 copy of the Postcode Plot/Walking Zone to display at your school and if you would like to work with us to create a parent leaflet.

If you are an independent school who would like a Postcode Plot please email attaching a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with a list of pupil postcodes (one per cell) in one column with a corresponding list of pupils' modes of travel in a second column. For the Walking Zone and/or parent leaflet we do not require any data just your request.

In accordance with our data protection policy the postcode data will not be used for any other purpose other than that specified and the postcode plot will not be published without consent from the school.

Staff Postcode Plots

We can also produce Postcode Plots to show where staff are travelling from and how they are travelling. This can be useful for establishing possible car sharing matches for staff and to establish the potential for promoting walking or cycling to staff. To request please email the data in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to with one column for postcodes (one per cell) and another corresponding column for modes of travel, from your staff survey.

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Page updated: 8 Apr 2011 

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