In this section you can find information concerning tenants living in social housing in Hackney. Get details about:

Tenancy guide

The advice in this booklet will help you get the most of your new home. With links to helpful websites and guidance on the first steps to take when you move in.

The information in this booklet should also be read alongside your tenancy agreement, which is the legal document that covers the terms and conditions of your tenancy. Keep this booklet somewhere safe as it will come in handy. If you have any questions, get in touch with us.

Advice on money matters and finding work

We want to make sure that if you have debt or work worries, you and your family can access the right support and advice at the right time. If you are a council tenant, you might find useful information below about:

Switching to a water meter

Have you considered having a water meter installed at your property? Having a water meter means you are charged for the amount of water you use rather than being charged a fixed tariff.

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