Traffic management


Traffic is a big issue for people in Hackney and we try to enable safe, free-flowing movement of traffic in the borough.

London Fields traffic management scheme consultation  

The consultation has now closed. The responses are currently being analysed by an external organisation. 

As a result of the pre-electoral 'purdah' rules associated with the forthcoming London mayoral elections, we won't be able to feedback the results of the consultation until after the election results in May.    

Speed limits and traffic calming measures

Speed is a significant factor in about one third of road accidents in the United Kingdom.

Speed limits are introduced to ensure greater road safety. Measures for influencing the speed of vehicles generally fall into two categories, legislative and physical. Speed limits fall into the first category whereas traffic calming devices fall into the second. Find out more about speed limits and traffic calming measures.

Abnormal loads 

The movement of large or heavy loads is known as 'abnormal loads'.

When haulers wish to move loads which are classed as 'abnormal' (for example those with a gross weight exceeding 40 tonnes). Before a hauler can move an abnormal load he must notify and gain consent from the Police. In addition, if the gross weight or axle weights exceed those specified on the C and U regulations he must indemnify the Highway Authority and all bridge owners along the proposed route (e.g. Network Rail).

An abnormal load can potentially go on any road provided the hauler complies with the law. Some roads are more suitable and more extensively used e.g. A Class Roads. 

Notice periods 

The law requires the hauler to give a minimum of two clear days notice to the Police, Highway Authority and Bridge owners before moving the load.

The notice period for loads over 150 tonnes, 6.1 metres wide or 27.4 metres long is different and haulers moving such loads need special orders from the Department of Transport.

Traffic lights and signals

All traffic lights are maintained by TfL.

You can report any faulty or non-working signals directly to TfL Street Faults Contact Centre on 0845 305 1234 or via TfL's Roadworks and street faults page. Alternatively you can contact us on 020 8356 2897 and we will forward the information on to Transport for London.

If you'd like to discuss the installation of traffic lights or signals at a particular junction or location please call 020 8356 2897 or email