Postal and proxy voting

Postal votes

To qualify for a postal vote you must first be registered to vote. If you intend to request a postal vote, we recommend you register to vote well in advance of the deadline, in case we need to ask you for ID to verify your identity.

Application form

Please note that to request a postal vote, you must complete and sign a postal vote application form and return it by post or hand, or email a scanned copy of the form to Applications must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 23 May 2017.

Vote by proxy

You can appoint someone else to cast your vote on your behalf if you have a valid reason: for example, if you are ill, are unable to get to a polling station or are abroad during the election. You will have to give a reason why you cannot vote in person and your application may need to be supported by your doctor or employer.

Application form

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