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Delivering school places 2015-20

Like most London boroughs, Hackney faces an unprecedented demand for school places, and we have been working over the last decade to:

  • provide six brand new academies
  • rebuild or refurbish six secondary schools
  • rebuild or refurbish three special schools
  • invest over £40m in new, refurbished and expanded primary schools 

One new secondary and one new primary free schools have also opened. Two further primary free schools will open in 2015 in addition to one primary academy.

How many more places do we need?

By 2020 Hackney will need an extra:

  • six forms of entry (FE) at primary school - or 1,260 places - equivalent to three new schools
  • eleven forms of entry at secondary school - or 1,650 places- equivalent to two new schools

We will continue to deliver these places through a combination of school expansion projects and building new schools where there is the highest demand.

Find out more about our plans to provide more school places (PDF, 700KB)

Secondary schools

To meet the demand for an additional 11FE, the Council is considering options to build at least one new school. A feasibility study is currently underway to consider the options for delivering this additional school, the results of which will be subject to a statutory consultation, due to commence in autumn 2015.

Other options include the expansion of existing schools in the borough and further information will be provided as these plans develop.

Nile Street

The Council plans to rebuild New Regents College, the borough's alternative education school and pupil referral unit, on the site of its previous upper school, in Nile Street. To fund this work the Council also plans to build some residential accommodation on the site, for private sale.

Statement following consultation

Statement following the consultation re proposal to build a new secondary school to open in September 2017 in temporary accommodation before moving to permanent accommodation in September 2019, and to expand Nightingale school from 1 to 2FE from 2019.

Primary schools

The permanent accommodation for Mossbourne Riverside Academy, which provided 30 places in 2015 on a temporary site, is in construction and the school will provide for an additional 60 pupil places in each year group from 2016. 

Holy Trinity is under construction and will be expanded by one form of entry in September 2016. Further plans include the expansion of Sir Thomas Abney Primary School by one form of entry by September 2016.  

In addition to these plans we are looking at providing an additional two forms of entry at primary level between now and 2020, which will be through the expansion of the existing schools.   

Tiger Way

The Council has identified a need for more primary school places in Hackney Downs ward and wants to build a primary school with two forms of entry on the site of the previous Downsview School, between Downs Road and Tiger Way. This would provide additional places.

To fund this work the Council also plans to build some residential accommodation on the site, for private sale. The current plans are based on the construction of 80 residential units in a 4 storey block along Downs Road with two pavilions rising to a total of 10 and 13 storeys from ground level.

How will the schools be funded?

The Council is less able to rely on Government funding for capital projects, so in some locations it is looking at co-locating education and residential developments. This will allow the Council to sell residential property to fund school building projects across the borough.

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Page updated: 6 Jan 2016 

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