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Equality impact assessments (EIAs)

In most cases reports for major decisions will include an equality impact assessment, which will be published and available for the public to read. They look at the positive and negative effects a decision may have on different groups of people. We can then enhance the positive impacts and minimise any negative effects.

Understanding how different people will be affected by our decisions helps us develop policies and services that are appropriate and accessible to all, and meet different people's needs.  

Equality impact assessments for savings 2013/14

Planning for the 2013/14 budget started immediately after the 2012/13 budget was approved in February 2012.

The savings proposals aim to protect frontline services. Wherever possible they should have either a positive or neutral impact on services, especially for groups who share the protected characteristics under the 2010 Equality Act.

When they identify impacts, decision makers have done an equality impact assessment to inform the development of detailed proposals. When no direct impact on staff, residents or service users has been identified decision makers have been clear about the reasons for this.

Read the report for 2013/14 budget in the February cabinet papers (PDF).

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Page updated: 27 Oct 2013 

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