Estate Regeneration Programme

Now in its sixth year, our unique 18-site programme will see nearly 3,000 new homes for social renting, shared ownership and outright sale built on council land - funded by land receipts, rental income, property sales and responsible borrowing.

Unlike the traditional model of site-specific joint ventures or land disposals, we've created a new, long-term approach to estate regeneration - combining viable schemes with those needing cross subsidy to make them work.

This self-funding programme is one of the UK's biggest, and is already delivering new homes on the ground - replacing ageing, poor-quality council homes with high quality new developments where all existing tenants have the right to return, all existing leaseholders have options to remain, and new residents can take advantage of council rents and innovative shared ownership deals.

Project manager

As a project manager, you will be part of a team delivering one of the most complex and exciting development and regeneration briefs in the UK, delivering housing regeneration projects from inception to completion. You'll be changing people's lives for the better, ensuring that more families desperately in need have a genuinely affordable place to call home.

You'll come to us with impressive experience of leading high-profile, high-quality housing development and regeneration projects. You'll be a seasoned project manager, with a reputation for delivering successfully on budget, on time, and to the required quality. Your flexibility and commitment to the local authority decision-making process will enable you to attend evening meetings and committees.

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