Archives guide part 5

Stoke Newington Parish Records 

Vestry minutes and records 

Vestry minutes 1681-1743 (includes overseers and P/M churchwardens accounts), 1784-1895; lists of vestrymen and rate returns 1883-95; plan of wards c1893; regulations for governing vestry meetings 1875 

Burial Board


Minutes 1862-96 

Board of Health


Minutes 1831-32; notice re cholera 1832 

Charity records


Stock's Charity: correspondence and lease of property 1884-1904; Report of Committee enquiring into benefactions in Stoke Newington, 1764; table of benefactions 1793

See also Churchwarden's records below 

Electoral registers

1861, 1879, 1883 P/M/CE 

Churchwardens records


Accounts 1840-1916; church ratebook 1847; legal opinion concerning accounts 1868; offertory register 1843-88; list of benefactions and abstract of parish expenditure from sources c1699-1781; miscellaneous concerning pulpit; income from church sittings and Tower and Spire Fund 1868-89; pew rents 1862-63; list of seat holders 1881-3 

National Parochial School


Minutes of congregation/managers 1904-09; correspondence 1905-11; contracts of employment 1899-1910; HM Inspectors reports 1905-09; LCC Circulars 1901-11. Rules used in school management 1898 

Surveyors of the Highway


Rate book 1822-35 with accounts 1823-48; accounts and report 1831-37; vouchers 1830-53 

Overseers of the Poor


Poor rate books 1838-40; valuation of parish 1824; receipts and vouchers 1836-39; list of paupers employed 1831; examinations 1786-1805; single settlement certificate, 1704; accounts 1862-97 

Commissioners of Land Tax

M 4517  

Land tax for Stoke Newington parish, 1821 

Stoke Newington Vestry 



Vestry minutes and agendas 1895-1900; annual reports 1894-1900; schemes and orders under Local Government Act, 1899, 1900-01; correspondence concerning construction of the public library in Stoke Newington Church Street 1890-92; byelaws 1894 

Vestry Clerk


Wages book 1894-1901; correspondence and guarantee concerning rate collector 1875; correspondence concerning securities 1895, 1909 

Electoral registers 1893-1900


Jury lists 1892-99


Finance Committee/Treasurer


Minutes 1894-98; church rate book 1899-1901; new streets account 1894-1924; Surveyor's department wages 1989-1900; income and expenditure accounts 1898-99 

Rate ledgers 1858-1900 

Valuations lists 1862, 1868, 1971, 1880, 1885, 1890 M/FA 

General Purposes Committee


Minutes 1894-1900  

Library Commissioners


Minutes and reports (including those of Finance Building and Books Sub committees 1890-98. Statistics of book issues 1893-98. Finance records 1892-1900 

Sanitary Committees 

Minutes 1896-99 (earlier part of M/P General Purposes Committee)

Also minutes of the following special committees 1895-1902: M/S Clissold Park Mansion; Electrical Lighting; General Purposes and Sanitary; Highways and Electric Lighting; Insignia of Office; Land Transfer; London Government Act; Office Committee; Officers Committee; Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee

Records of clubs and societies 

Those societies or institutions concerned with charity or administering almshouses, refuges etc have been listed in section 18. Those bodies concerned with military activities have been listed in section 20. This section has been divided between clubs and societies and the records of political bodies and trade unions. 

Local Societies and Clubs M 3900 Artistes Club

(branch of the Working Mens' Club & Institute) membership cards, 1928 Band of Hope. Hackney and E Middlesex branch. 

See section 23 D/F/COL

Bethune Lawn Tennis and Bowling Club. See section 25 D/F/SPR

British Women's Temperance Association. Stoke Newington Branch. Committee minutes and agendas 1908-18; subscribers c1890-1900; annual reports 1881-1900; Young Women's branch annual report 1896. D/S/33

Brownswood Club, Green Lanes (part of the Brownswood M 3993 Bowling Club) articles of association, 1911 Clapton Park Literary Society. See section 17 D/E233 CLA

Craven Park Lodge (Masons). See Masons below

Dalston Amicable Assemblies. See Section 23 D/F/SMI

Eton Manor Boys Club. Photographs of activities taken by Gordon Draper c1959-66. M 4520

Gladstone Club (branch of Working Men's Club and Institute membership cards 1928 M 3927

Grove Young Men's Institute, Homerton. Monthly magazine 1883.D/S/41. See also Section 17 D/F/CLA

Hackney, Homerton, Clapton and Bethnal Green Christian Society. See Hackney Literary and Scientific Institution records in D/F/TYS section 25

Hackney Infant Life Protection Association H/C 73

Annual Report, 1908 

Hackney Literary and Scientific Institution

M 4029 Testimonial to secretary, 1862 M 4073. Ball tickets etc 1859-64. Reports and programmes of lectures and activities of the M 4297 Institute 1853-72; sale catalogue of effects after dissolution, 1875 

See Section 23 D/F/SMI, D/F/ WIL (2) and section 25 D/F/TYS

Hackney Mutual Improvement Society. See section 25 D/F/TYS Hackney Manor Lodge (Masons). See Masons Hackney Photographic Society D/S 13,56

Council and other minutes 1894-83; membership and accounting records 1892-1982; photographic work by members and of outings 1889-1978; certificates, printed books and lantern slide projector 1858-1905; completion books 1975-89 and centenary album 1989 -90.

Homerton Chapel Benefit Society. See section 17 D/E/233 CLA 

Homerton Community Centre/Chats Palace

D/S/53 Community Centre Minutes 1975-78, Chat's Palace annual reports 1977-80, publicity leaflets, correspondence concerning use of the former library in Brooksby's Walk as a centre, with daft lease 1975-76. Rules of Chat's Palace. 

Homerton Institute. See section 25 D/F/TYS

Kingsland and West Hackney Literary and Scientific Institution. See section 25 D/F/TYS

League of Friends of Hackney Hospital (later Hackney & xHomerton Hospitals) D/S/53

Minutes, constitution, financial and membership records and correspondence 1961-79

League of Friends of the Eastern Hospital D/S 60/2

Minutes, constitution, annual reports, financial and membership records and correspondence 1954-88

League of Friends of St John's Hospital for Diseases of D/S 60/3 of the Skin Minutes, financial records and correspondence 1985-88

Literary Reading Society, Stoke Newington. Minutes 1894-97, D/S/32 1902-20


Records for the following branches Craven Park Lodge, handbook 1936-37 M 3952 Hackney Manor Lodge. Accounts of ladies festival, 1926 M 3951 Ancient Order of Foresters. Membership certificate c1900 M 4025 Newington Green Band of Hope. See section 17 D/E/257 NEW Newington Green Conversation Society/Conversation and Field Society. See section 17 D/E/27 NEW Newington Green Girls club/Social Union. See section 17 D/E 257 NEW Newington Green Literary Society. See section 17 D/E 257 New 

North London Antiquarian Society

Proceedings 1906-22 D/S/42

See also Section 25 Bagust (D/F/BAG) 

North London Chess Club

Financial records 1875-1923; fixtures and associated correspondence 1893-1929; committee minutes 1876-1929; reports 1880-1023; magazines and other published works 1920-29 Old Vermontians Club. See section 18 Private Schools River Lea Rowing clubs. See section 23 D/F/JON, D/F/RAW  

Save the Reservoirs Campaign

M 4415 Local Voices, local views; consultation documents on the Stoke Newington reservoirs 1991-2.

Scouting records

10th Hackney Group Scout: records collected by the D/S/48 founder scoutmaster A F Leslie. Photographic albums of annual camps and activities 1914-53; William Wallace Rover Crew accounts of meetings, correspondence and accounts 1950-56; personal photographs of Leslie c1930-51 Recollections of scouting in Hackney area; troops M 4243 associated with West Hackney Church, post 1918 20th Shoreditch Senior Scouts visit to Kansas, USA M 4384 scrapbook 1966. 1st Shoreditch Scouts. Court of honour/patrol leaders M 4441 minutes 1962-72 17th Shoreditch Scouts. Order book 1952-7 M 4442 See also section 23 D/F/GRA Shoreditch Drama Society. Programme and handbill, 1923-24 M 4044 Soup Society for Hackney, Homerton and Clapton Annual M 4072 report 1866-87. See also section 26 and local history section Stoke Newington Branch of the National Savings Movement SN/LD 14 Membership and correspondence 1940-42 Stoke Newington Gardener's Guild; prize tickets & certificates M4237 Stoke Newington Literary and Scientific Association. M4002 Minutes 1888-1938; address read to Society, 1933 Stoke Newington Mutual Improvement Society M 4002 Papers read by F E Manley, 1894-1920 Stoke Newington Rifle Club. Monthly orders 1916. M 4101 See also section 20 National Reserve Stoke Newington Rotary club. See section 23 D/F/STA  

Trade Union and Professional Bodies Amalgamated Engineering Union

Hackney Branch D/S 63 Membership records 1896-c1970 

Amalgamated Engineering Union

Stoke Newington branch D/S23 Minutes 1925-67 (gaps)  

Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers

Hackney 2nd branch D/S/23 Minutes 1952-60; financial record 1945-56; membership records 1945-54; secretary's letter books 1949-53 

Amalgamated Society of Upholsterers

London No 1 branch D/S/23 Minutes 1891-1947; financial records 1889-1940; membership records 1889-1906; out of work books 1939-47; reports, drawings of furniture etc 1899-1948 

Electrical Trades Union

Hackney branch. Minutes 1941-59 D/S/23 membership records 1946-65 (including out of work records); out letters 1959-60. Bethnal Green branch. Minutes 1952-62; membership records 1949-59  

Hackney (previously Hackney and Stoke Newington) Social


Workers' Group

Committee minutes, general minutes and annual reports 1941-68; membership lists 1970-73; financial records 1962-76; copies of Hackney Social Workers News 1970-72 Hackney Trades Council. Minutes 1900-07 1952-66,1968-94; D/S 52 committee and sub-committee minutes 1953-1977; annual general meeting minutes and reports 1901-06,1947,1954-87; financial and membership records 1952-87; secretary's correspondence 1952-87; correspondence with other trades councils, Labour Party and various campaigns 1966-86; correspondence on the Defence Fund and legal case involving Horatio Bottomley 1903-09; 75th anniversary records 1975; photographs c1920-56. Records of other bodies: Upholsterers Union London Branch No 1 secretary's reports 1900; Civil Service Clerical Association North London Area/London North 18, Stoke Newington Area minutes 1949-67; Hackney Teachers Association minutes 1974-77; levy collection for Shavelson dispute, 1930-1; subscription book for an unidentified union, 1968-72  

Hackney Teachers Association

(covered Hackney, Bethnal D/S/23 Green and Shoreditch) Minutes 1909-69 (gaps) See also Hackney Trades Council records.  

London Borough of Hackney

Staffside. Minutes 1978-80 D/S/51  

London Joint Council (Manual Workers)

General Purposes D/S/46 Committee minutes 1955-60. Joint Industrial Council for Manual Workers Non Trading Services (London District) minutes 1923-28; 1944-49  

London Ladies Tailors, Machinists and Pressers Trade Union

D/S/24 financial records 1013-21. United Ladies Tailors Trade Union committee minutes 1922-39; minutes with Master Ladies Tailors Organisation to discuss merger, 1931-33; financial records 1919-39. National Union of tailors and Garment Workers, London Mantle and Costume Branch: minutes 1939-55;  

London Ladies Tailors

etc financial records 1947-51; membership records, including photographs of members 1939-51; correspondence files (U.L.T.U. & N.U.T.G.W.) 1930-53; reports on factories and conditions of employment, internal matters etc 1918-44; posters and playscripts 1918-51; national circulars 1925-51  

National Association of Local Government Officers

D/S 35 Stoke Newington Branch (previously the Stoke Newington D/S 59 Municipal Officers Association): minutes 1914-36, 1940-64; constitution 1952; awards and articles on the work of the branch, 1958-59; other committee minutes 1935-48, 1957. Scheme of conditions of service 149-50; posters and programme for unveiling of war memorial 1948-49  

Records of clubs and societies 

Trade unions and professional bodies  

National Association of Local Government Officers

L B Hackney Branch D/S/50

Unison No 1 Branch EC from July 1993

Assistant Secretary's papers: copy minutes and presented papers 1968-96 

National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades Association

D/S/23 No 15 Branch: minutes 1937-44; No 2 branch: financial records 1939-40; correspondence 1946-72 

National Union of Gasworkers and General Labourers

M 3891 (later part of the National Union of General & Municipal Workers) certificate of membership 1900 

National Union of Sheet Metal Workers, Coppersmith 

Heating and Domestic Engineers

See section 26  

Printers Revisers & Readers Association. See section 26 Ruston

Political Parties, Associations

Brian Sedgemore MP. Constituency and associated papers D/F/SED from 1986. Annual deposits. All records closed for thirty years form last date of each file. Political meetings at the Mermaid Tavern, Hackney, early M 1859 19th century Notes by a founder member of the Stoke Newington Labour M 3238 Party, compiled 1978 Communist Party. Manifesto for South Hackney election, 1931 M 4280 Hackney Conservative Association. See section 23 D/F/AMH Conservative Association. Borough of Hackney Central D/S/3 Division. Minutes 1885-99 Labour movement: autobiography of Charles E Connor, early M 4285 20th century Hackney South & Shoreditch Labour Party. Papers of member D/F/TYR 1977-81. Closed under 30 year rule Shoreditch & Finsbury Labour Party. Minutes 1948-70; D/S/25 accounts 1958-61; correspondence 1948-54. Closed under 30 year rule 

Records of clubs and societies  

Political Parties and Associations  

Socialist Health Association. East London Branch minutes M 4536 1988-90 Ratepayers Associations and residents groups Association for the Better Government of the Parish of St D/S/8 John at Hackney. Minutes 1861-63   Borough of Stoke Newington Ratepayers and Electors D/S/29 Association. Minutes 1900-33; annual reports 1927-33 De Beauvoir Association D/S 55 Minutes, annual reports, accounts, correspondence and copies of public enquiry papers into De Beauvoir Southern area 1971-85. De Beauvoir Town & Dalston Ratepayers Association D/S/5 Secretary's Minutes Stamford Hill Estate, Lynmouth Road and Lampard Grove D/S 62 Association (SHELLGA) Minutes and correspondence 1980-85 Stoke Newington Ratepayers Association: Minutes 1884-94; D/S/16 membership records 1886-90 Social Democratic Federation. Hackney & Kingsland Branch D/S/21 Copy minutes 1903-07. (Originals in the Marx Memorial Library, copies treated as a deposit) 'The Stoke Newington Eight' (members of the Angry Brigade) M 4447 Bulletins etc concerning trial for conspiracy to commit explosions 1971-2   Campaigning bodies Women's National Cancer Control Campaign. Hackney and D/S 54 District Branch Minutes, cuttings and correspondence 1964-88   See also Section 23. D/F/AMH, D/F.WHI, section 11.11

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