Archives guide part 7

Local records of central government, county councils etc 

Inland Revenue 'Domesday' books valuation series for D/P 1 Hackney, Stoke Newington and Shoreditch, 1910 (no maps have survived with this series)

Metropolitan Borough of Hackney Assessment Committee D/P 2 minutes 1930-36; 1940-50; valuations 1939-40

Metropolitan Borough of Stoke Newington Assessment D/P 2 Committee minutes 1935-40; valuations 1934-35

Metropolitan Borough of Shoreditch Assessment Committee D/P 2 Valuations 1935-36

Ordnance Survey. Minor control points albums (boundary area D/P/3 part Surrey, Hackney, Shoreditch and Stoke Newington 1946-87 

Local authority joint committees 

Metropolitan Boroughs Standing Joint Committee; D/S 45

Metropolitan Boroughs (Organisation and Methods) Committee;

London Boroughs Management Service Committee

Minutes 1934-75

Group Three Local Authority Engineers (Hackney, Poplar M 4387 Shoreditch and Finsbury) minutes 1943. 

Records of other public bodies 

For turnpike trusts, see Section 11 Hackney Parish

All local poor law union records are held at London Metropolitan

Archives; however a small group of union material for Hackney Union is held by Hackney Archives Department:

Assessment Committee minutes 1925; clerk's accounts 1890-96; minute and agendas of Board 1904-08; agenda papers and returns of outrelief, 1930

For dispensaries, see Section 18. No other hospital records are held.

For local savings committees, see Section 11. 

Records of courts of law 

See Section 11, Shoreditch Metropolitan Borough Council. Petty Sessional Courts 

Records of Deaneries 

Hackney and Stoke Newington Rural deaconal Chapter. D/E/210/3

Minutes 1913-49

Shoreditch Rural Deanery. Minutes 1934-67

Schemes to unite the benefices of St Anne with St Saviour D/E/210/1-2 and St Andrew, Shoreditch, and also alterations to St Columbia, Shoreditch, 1974 and associated maps of alterations of the boundaries of these parishes and St Peter's, De Beauvoir Town, St Leonard with St Michael, Shoreditch, and St John the Baptist with Christ Church, Hoxton 

Parish records 

Civil parish records inherited by the authority from its predecessors are listed in Section 12. Hackney is not recognised as a place of deposit for parish records and the majority of parochial material is held by the London Metropolitan Archives. Microfilm of some parish registers is held; this is listed in Section 26. Parish magazines are divided between the local history collection (where items are received as current publications) and the deposited records. Only magazines included in the latter are given here. 


St Barnabas, Homerton High Street D/E/211 BAR

Vestry minutes 1847-1922; collection register 1916-1930

For microfilm of registers, see Section 26 

Christ Church, Clapton

D/E 211 CHR (1)  

Churchwardens' accounts 1906-27; service register 1920-31 

St James the Great, Lower Clapton

D/E 211 JAM 1  

Brief history of the church and parish from parish magazinescompiled 1925-8 prepared by Florence Bagust; service sheet for 150th anniversary service 1991. 

St John at Hackney

D/E 211 JOH 1  

Conveyance of 278 Mare St, 1872; agreement between rector etc and Hackney Met Borough re churchyard, 1906; parish magazines 1915-44 (gaps), letter re termination of The Tower, 1973 ; pencil drawing of 'Cottage near Hackney' c1800 and photographs of St John at hackney monuments inside church and of altar of All Saints, Blurton Road, c1930. 

St John at Hackney: other documents 

Plan of churchyard and elevations of surrounding buildings, 1741 (V 239); copy glebe terrier 1618-33 (M 1376); presentations, faculties, property records, 1697-1862 (M 174, 800-01, 697, 825, 940, 1023, 1279-80, 1756, 1779, 1377); papers concerning the Select Vestry 1613-1739 (M 1375, 2554, 2565); copy of arbitration between Hackney and Shoreditch vestries on a boundary dispute 1697, (M 1549); tithe redemption records 1886-8, (M 3077, 3111); plans of the pre-1797 church 1797-1853 (later plans are of the old church tower only (M 3239, V174-176, 178-183, 189) Reports of the Committee for taking down the old church and correspondence 1789-90 (M 4084); plans of the new church 1800-14 (V 177. 184-188) seating plan of the new church (V 173); plan of the rights of advowson 1785, 1814 (M 4036-7) Plan of section of crypt, 1980 (V 241); subscription list for tree planting in churchyard and bills with plan of the churchyard, 1797-8 (M 4432/1); curates licences 1842-4 (M4432/2) 

St John of Jerusalem, South Hackney

D/E 211 JOH/J  

Trust document 1810; statement of income and expenditure 1827-29 Letter concerning establishment of the parish 182 (M 2558) deeds of the infant school, Ada Street 1850 (M 3406-7), conveyance of site of second church and construction papers (D/F/NOR See Section 23) 

St Luke, Homerton

D/E 211 LUK  

Photographs of the church and incumbents 1886-1972; parish magazines 1904-78 (gaps); centenary material 1972 St Marks, Dalston. Notes and cuttings 1903-12 (included in M3230) 

St Mary of Eton, Hackney Wick

D/E 211 MARY(1)  

Banns Register 1938-42 

Ram's Episcopal Chapel, Homerton

D/E 211 RAM  

Trustees minutes 1847-1936; annual report 1906-07 Other relevant records in the collection include recollections of the Chapel by Elizabeth Packard covering the years 1883-91 (M 3955) and historical notes and material on the Infant School 1872-86, 1898-1911, (D/F/SPR12/14; M4112) 

St Thomas Upper Clapton

D/E/211 THO  

Stamford Hill and Upper Clapton Provident Society minutes 1855-1905; correspondence from the architect E C Hakewill concerning alterations 1856-57; journal of Rev F W Kingsford 1862-64; photographs of events and premises c1900-11; Copies of the National School's minutes 1828-90 including annual reports

Also accounts of construction and building 1827-42

( 4113); plans 1841 (V153-4) 

West Hackney Church 

Plan of pews and sittings c1871 (V156; appointment of select vestry 1825 (M 1022); recollections and cuttings 20th C (M 3230, 4243) Shoreditch 

St Anne, Hoxton

D/E 212 ANN Parish magazines and details of induction service, 1982 1976; 1980-82 St Augustine's, Haggerston D/E 212 AUG D/E 212 MAR 3  

Parish magazines 1887-1915, 1926-40, 1942-53 (gaps) and with St Stephen 1954,1956; photographs of premises, people and events 1870-1950

Parish magazines 1887-1915 (gaps); 1943-56 (gaps) D/E 212 MAR 1-2 

St Columbia's, Haggerston

D/E 212 COL Service register 1867  

St John the Baptist, Hoxton

Notes by a former member, 1978

Election details for churchwardens 1829 M 3238 

St Leonard's, Shoreditch 

Manuscript history M 4074

Notes on Shoreditch officials 1788 M 1551 

St Leonard's Church  

Parish Relief Committee relief books 1904-11

For microfilm of register, see Section 26 

St Mary with St Chad, Haggerston

D/E 212 MAR 1-2  

Parish magazines 1868-80, 1961-65 (gaps) 

St Michael, Shoreditch 

Receipts and accounts 1941-59 

St Michael and All Angels, London Fields 

Deeds concerning church property 1871-3 (M 3408-9)

Letter concerning consecration in D/F NOR. See section 23 

St Paul's, Haggerston 

Letter concerning consecration of the church 1860 M1548 

Stoke Newington 

St John the Evangelist, Brownswood Park

D/E 213 JOH

Application by PCC to list church, 1985; copy of 1974 church history and photographs of church and vicarage; vacancy details 1946-7, 1962; church accounts 1949; parish magazines 1948-88 (gaps); cuttings book 1939-60, church programmes etc. 

St Mary, Stoke Newington Various 

Plans of the old and new churches and churchyards c1885-1916 (V 203, 204, 265); scrapbook on the men's services 1925-26 (M3992) property lease 1846 (M3039); bequest and pew ownership, 1729 (M2877) Seat holders, 1882-84 (D/E 213 MAR) For microfilm of register and other records see Section 26 

Other areas 

St Thomas, Arbour Square, Stepney D/E 215 THO

St Thomas Institute Manuscript Magazine 1876-81 


Good Shepherd, Falcon Court, Stoke Newington Church Street M 3839 and Holy Redeemer (Later St Barnabas, Stoke Newington Church Street. Records 1881-98 

Non-Anglican religious records 


Downs Baptist Chapel D/E

232 DOW

Minutes, financial records, membership records 1869-1949 

Mare Street Baptist Chapel (later Frampton Park Baptist D/E 232 MAR Church)  

Annual reports 1871-1915 (gaps) Church meeting minutes 1789-1978; deacons minutes 1894-1979; marriage register 1934-44 membership records 1789-1988 (including baptisms and burials); financial records 1933-72; St Ann's Place Sunday School, scrapbook correspondence and other records 1813-1953; building records, photographs, war damage correspondence 1854-1984 Also sermons of Rev Daniel Katterns 1852-63 (M3961) 

Mount Row Baptist Chapel and Newton Street Baptist Chapel

M 3576


Sale catalogue of freehold 1917 

Queen's Road Baptist Chapel

M 3576

Sale catalogue 1921 

Union Baptist Chapel, Cumberland Street

M 4

Deed 1846

Wellington Road Baptist Chapel

D/E 250 WEL

Property records 1888-1907

Also notes on the chapel c1903 (M3230) 

Congregational, Presbyterian, later United Reformed 

Cambridge Heath Congregational Church

D/E 233 CAM 1

Deacons and church meeting minutes 1861-1937. Building Committee minutes and correspondence 1864-73. Membership records, including baptisms and marriages 1863-1936 (gaps) Trust and property records 1865-1928. Testimonial Committee and misc. records 1872-89; 

Clapton Park Congregational Church (The Round Chapel)

D/E 233 CLA  

Records 1793-1965 Including minutes of the Church 1867-1941, D/E 233 CLB 1952-68 and deacons, 1873-1962; financial records and correspondence etc 1871-1924; membership records 1879, 1910-42; baptisms (as part of minute book) 1907-41 and records of Homerton Chapel Benevolent Society 1793-1989; Homerton Mission, minutes 1886-87; Gravel Pit Chapel minutes 1804-71; Clapton Park Literary Society minutes etc 1891-1914; Grove Mission minutes 1905-25; Grove Young Men's Institute minutes 1887-88 ( magazine of 1883 :D/S/41); Church bazaar scrapbook and magazine, 1907; Clapton Park Institute minutes and year books 1911-39; Glyn Rd Mission jubilee celebrations and other records 1933-67; certificate of ordination of Rev George Smith as minister of the New Gravel Pit Chapel, 1716; local and national temperance and Band of Hope records collected by Miss P.Beard, a church member, 1880-1972; service programmes for ordination of ministers etc 1926-74; hymns and manuals 1910,1925,1949-50; account of 100th anniversary meetings 1904; church magazine 1892. 

Dalston Congregational Church

D/E 233 DAL

Minutes, financial records and membership records 1871-1946 

Abney Congregational Chapel, Stoke Newington

D/E 253 ABN  

Minutes, reports, sermons 1858-1924 D/E CLB 8

Paintings of Isaac Watts and Sir John Hartopp Bart (1637-1722)

Both 18th century; trust deed 1845; lease of schoolroom 1882.

Also notes by T.M.Doust on the chapel, c1958 (M 4396) 

Kingsland Congregational Chapel

D/E 233 KIN

Sunday School Committee minutes 1863-85; annual reports 1884 

Lower Clapton Congregational Church

D/E 233 LOW  

Minutes, correspondence, membership records and property records 1850-1962; marriage and baptism records 1864-1952 

Maberly Congregational Church, Balls Pond Road

D/E 233 MAB

Sunday School Committee minutes 1835-56 

Pownall Road Congregational Church

D/E 233 POW

Minutes and membership records 1866-950 

Rectory Road United Reformed Church 

D/E 233 REC

Baptism and marriage registers 1887-1933; church meeting minutes 1870-1973; deacons (later elders') minutes 1888-1977; other committees (bazaars, tennis club) 1889, 1910, 1928-34; financial records 1915-71; membership records 1887-1867; Hoxton Market Christian Mission council minutes 1892-99; trust deed 1897; Sunday school teachers minutes 1958-77; property records 182-1956; manuals and newsletters 1883-1968; miscellaneous correspondence, details of men serving in World War 1 etc 1910-51 

Non-Anglican religious records 

Congregational, Presbyterian, later United Reformed 

Shrubland Road Congregational Church

D/E 233 CAM 3  

Church meeting and deacons minutes 1878-1968. Bazaar, Finance and Special Pastorate minutes 1878-89, 1908-11. Sunday School teachers minutes 1916-65. Marriage and baptism records 1913-66, burial records 1947-51. Financial records 1874-1965.

Trinity Congregational Church, South Hackney

D/E 233 TRT 

Church meeting minutes 1873-1987; deacons meeting minutes 1892-1988; baptisms (beginning at Mile End New Town chapel) 1852-1933; baptisms and marriages 1907-75; Men's Own Society minutes 1906-22; church history, 1901; programme for laying foundation stones of church and chapel, 1901; plan and elevations of Mile End New Town Chapel, 1861. Records closed for 30 years from last date in each vol  

Victoria Park Congregational Tabernacle

D/E 233 CAM 2  

Church meeting and deacons minutes 1869-1901 (includes membership records) 

Independent churches 

St Thomas Square Chapel D/E 230 THO

Baptisms 1814-94; burials 1837-53; Deacons and other committee minutes 1814-96; membership records 1804-94; Boy's Sunday School Teachers minute book 1831-64 and subscriptions towards building the schoolroom and chapel repairs, c1850s; property records 1771-1877; financial records, including pewholders and trustee correspondence and choir rules 1841-88; programme of final meeting, 1896. Also M 906 and 909, deeds 1773-74; Z 6 transcript of will of minister Samuel Palmer, 1816. V 162 undated plans 

Methodist Churches 

Bethnal Green Circuit. Local preachers minutes 1878-96 D/E 234 B I Hackney Mission Circuit, consisting of the following D/E 234 A churches and circuit records: United Methodist Free Church Circuit committee and local D/E 234 A I/1-5 preachers records 1877-1939 Clapton Wesleyan Circuit quarterly meetings and trust D/E 234 A I 6-8 records 1876-1909 

Methodist Churches  

Primitive Methodist Connexion Clapton Circuit quarterly D/E 234 A I 9-10 meetings minutes 1884-1907, 1939-47 Hackney, later Hackney and Victoria Park Circuit quarterly D/E 234 A I 11-17 meeting minutes, local preachers records and trust records 1887-1931; First London District minutes 1908-27 schedules 1927-37; London Mission Executive Hackney branch minutes 1925-52

Hackney and Clapton Mission Circuit, later Hackney Mission D/E 234 A 18-22

Circuit quarterly minutes 1948-66 schedules and correspondence 1957-80 

Bruce Hall Mission

Scrapbook D/E 234 B 2 

Central Hall

Leaders minutes 1946-63; financial records D/E 234 A3  

1927-51; Church Council minutes 1983-92; D/E 234 C5 Sunday School Council minute book 1925-4 trustee and property records, including plans 1923-81; financial records 1960-87; Overseas Mission (Women's Work) minutes, accounts and circuit schedule 1948-82 

Clapton Park Methodist Church. Baptisms 1888-1938

D/E 234 A9  

1948-60; leaders minutes 1962-79; trustee records 1929-65 (church, manse, Glenberview Holiday Home); pulpit notices and financial records 1928-83;57th Hackney Scout Group accounts and equipment 1957-71; annual reports and appeals, including short history 1905-74; orders of service; photos and correspondence 1949-57 

Clapton Wesleyan Church, later Downs Park Methodist Church

D/E 234 A 8  

Baptisms 1865-1963; leaders minutes 18766-92, 1908-51; D/E 234 C 2 Committee minutes 1865-1916; finance Committee minutes 1920-39; Trustees records and minutes 1863-1959 (including brief history of church to 1900); pulpit notices and financial records 1865-1970.Wesleyan Missionary Society, Clapton Branch minutes 1916-60, accounts 1913-54; Christian Endeavour Society minutes 1879-83; Teachers minutes and Sunday School Council minutes 1902-13, 1929-54. Jubilee history with added items, 1915 

Dalston Central

Mission Correspondence files on financial D/E 234 DAL  matters and premises 1940-56 

Dalston Methodist Church 

Mayfield Road, (later Richmond D/E 234 A 6 Road). Baptisms 1845-1906; marriages 1867-1903; D/E 234 C2-3 leaders minutes 1929-56; Sunday School council minutes 1924-64; trustee minutes 1929-46, 1948-57, 1971-6; publications and newsletters 1920-79. Dalston Methodist Centre and Youth Club plans and correspondence 1981-3 Donated and collected ephemera 1923-c1961.  

Hackney Wick Wesleyan Chapel. Baptisms

1879-1939. D/E 234 A 5  

Joint Committee with another church 1905-23; Trustees minutes (initially of the Cassland Road Church for which see Homerton below) 1888-1915 

Homerton Wesleyan Chapel and Cassland Road Chapel

D/E 234 A4  

Marriages 1885-89; leaders minutes 1868-1935; membership records and accounts 1897-1940;

Cassland Road Chapel trustees minutes 1949-56; accounts 1872-1908 

Packington Street Methodist Church

D/E 234 PAC  

Trustees minutes 1930-68; accounts 1931-65; South Hornsey Trust accounts 1951-62 

Richmond Road Wesleyan Church. Marriages 1849-1917

D/E 234 A2 

Pembury Road United Methodist Free Church leaders and D/E

234 A7 church meeting minutes 1901-27

Methodist Churches: Shoreditch and Stoke Newington 

Haggerston Methodist Mission marriages 1938-86 D/E 244HAG Harbour Light Methodist Church, Goldsmiths Row. Trustees minutes D/E 234 C1 1896-1961 Matthias Road Zion Chapel, later Wesleyan. Deeds 1878-1934 M 1810-26 New North Road Methodist Church. Sale catalogue 1917 M 3576 Stoke Newington Methodist Chapel Trust deed 1817-36 M 3161 Willow Walk United Methodist Free Church. Foundation deed, D/E 244 WIL 1840, plan of building, and; circuit plan 1869-70 and subscription list and notice of public meeting concerning construction 1868 

Salvation Army 

Sale catalogues of premises (including former London Orphan M 3546-7, 3576, asylum) 1872-1917 3897 


New Gravel Pit Chapel, Hackney. General committee minutes D/E /237 GRA and annual reports 1810-1912; Unitarian Fellowship Fund minutes 1819-37; financial records 1742-1889; Sunday School accounts 1790-1811; Girls School Committee minutes etc 1820-32; Charity School records (boys) 1832-66; Sunday School Committee 1891-1909, other financial records 1906-43, 1957-74; plan of burial ground, 1841; congregation rules 1947; correspondence concerning closure of the church 1966-76; trust deeds etc 1857-1968; copy of Charity Commission scheme for the New Gravel Pit Chapel charities, 1990. Also Elevations, c1870, (V155) Ephemera 1877-79 (M3696) For Old Gravel Pit chapel see records of Clapton Park Congregational Church

Newington Green Unitarian Church. Chapel committee minutes D/E/ 257 NW

1859-1935; annual reports 1878-1958; membership records 1708-1976 (baptisms, marriages and deaths 1841-89); financial records 1854-1965; Sunday School and School records (teachers minutes admissions, correspondence, 1857-1964; Newington Green Domestic Mission minutes and annual reports 1843-73; Newington Green Sunday School Savings Bank and the Penny Savings Bank financial records 1874-1914; Newington Green Provident Society minutes, reports and financial records, 1889-1926; Newington Green Conversation Society, later Conversation Society and Field Club, minutes and programmes 1848-1907; Newington Green Band of Hope minutes and programmes 893-1907; 1914-33 Newington Green Social Union minutes 1909-15; Newington Green Club Young Men's Section minutes 1889-c92; Newington Green Girls Club minutes 1911-26; Newington Green Literary Society minutes and records 1946-65; preacher and service records 1828-29; 1946-65. Trustee records c1820-1952; plans and other records of premises 1959-1967; Chapel library rules and catalogue, 1841 and later; Church secretary's correspondence 1959-62; correspondence concerning ministers 1806-1938; historical files containing early documents, including a bond for quiet enjoyment of premises that preceded the Chapel, 1693, Matthew Raper's summary of church affairs 1708-44, rental of meeting house, 1796, lease of meeting house, 1787, photographs, byelaws, church calendars, plans of Warwich and Howard Houses, Newington Green, c1900, photographs c1860-1958; texts of church histories 1900-58. Pub. history by Michael Thorncroft, 1958

Newington Green Unitarian Church

Trust deeds of the Church 1761-1950 are held by the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Churches, Essex Hall. Sermons preached by Thomas Cromwell, minister at church M 3994 1838-64 Title deeds 1699-1790 M 3858 

Other Non-Conformist Churches 

Agapemonite Church

(Ark of the Covenant), Rookwood Road, Clapton Main records are held at Somerset Record Office, but see Section 23, Wood papers

Hoxton Academy

Chapel. Sunday School records 1815-1935 D/E 248 HOX  

Hoxton Market Christian Mission. D/E 248 HOX

Annual reports 1914-19 (gaps); appeal, service and other programmes 1917-83; mission magazines 1905-74; photographs 1900-83 See also Rectory Road United Reformed Church. There are also other annual reports and appeals held in the local history library.

Latter Rain Outpouring Revival Church, Hoxton. D/E 265 LAT

Marriages 1979-94 

Paragon Hall (Brethren)

D/E 239 PAR  

Marriages 1958-60 

Records of institutions 

Private Schools and Colleges  

Hoxton Academy Chapel Sunday School. Committee minutes D/E 248 HOX

1815-93; teachers meeting minutes 1814-1935; cashbooks 1826-1901; girls' register 1841-51; list of speakers etc 1855-75; history and memoirs of premises 1840-1943; order by Charity Commission to sell school building, 1958

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