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Halls for hire: community

Halls for hire: libraries

Harassment: anti-social behaviour

Harassment: anti-social behaviour (council tenants)

Harassment, illegal eviction or trouble with landlords

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Hackney Central area action plan

Hackney Central Library

​Hackney Downs

Hackney health hubs

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Hackney Town Hall: Ceremonies

Hackney Wick area action plan

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​Hazardous waste collection

Health advice: sexual

Health and medical advice

Health and safety

​Health and social care permit or voucher

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing profile (City and Hackney)

Health: mental health support

Hedges: high

​Help at home: adults

​Help for people with learning difficulties

High street collection times



HIV/AIDS: adults

HIV/AIDS: children


HMO licence

Hoarding and scaffolding licences

Holiday play schemes

Home care

Home exchanges

Home improvement grants

Home ownership

Homerton Library

Home sales


House bidding

Householder planning application guidance

Household rubbish and bin collections

Houses in multiple occupation

Houses in multiple occupation licence


Housing advice

Housing applications

Housing benefit

Housing benefit information for landlords

Housing: leaseholders and freeholders

​Housing: lettings policy

​Housing list / register

Housing: private tenants and landlords

Housing: repairs

Housing: rubbish and recycling for estates and blocks

Housing: tenants

How the Council works

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