Broadway Market Green

Broadway Market Green is a relatively new park, established in 1994. The site has undergone several changes from semi-open space to entirely infrastructure, to open space once again.

The site was directly affected by the Luftwaffe bombings in 1941, resulting in the establishment of prefab housing that was later replaced by the residential buildings present today. There has been little development since 1994.

The Council aims to solidify the park's designation as a children's play area over the next 5 years.

Broadway Market itself has a vibrant history with the market as a constant structure since before the 20th Century. Originally a busy fruit and vegetable market, it was a valuable grocery centre for local residents. Although the character and nature of the market today is very different, it remains a valuable asset to the area.


  • play area
  • natural play
  • informal football area


Barbecues are not allowed in Broadway Market Green. The use of all barbecues in London Fields has also been suspended following safety advice to all London councils from the London Fire Brigade.


Council officers have the power to request that dogs are put on leads if they are behaving aggressively, causing damage, or if their owner does not have appropriate control over them. More information on dogs in parks.  

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