Hackney business charter

The Hackney business charter is a unique opportunity for Hackney's business community to invest in the borough and its communities by making a commitment to three key principles which have the potential to change lives:

  1. Community: making a commitment to actively support and invest in the local community
  2. Employment: adhering to the principles of fair work and pay, providing equal opportunities, and investing in local people by employing Hackney residents
  3. Environment: being involved in improving the character of Hackney and running a business in a way that enhances and does not damage the local environment

In return, the Council has created a comprehensive offer of business support designed for both new and established businesses, throughout all sectors, that will ensure that a business can develop and become a long term presence in the borough.  

For more information on why your business should sign up to the charter please read our Hackney business charter guide [pdf, 103.22KB].

Sign up to the charter

To register your interest in signing up to the charter please contact: business@hackney.gov.uk providing your name, business, email  address and telephone number.

Once you have been awarded charter status awarded your business will be publicised as a case study and will be added to our website and also to Invest in Hackney. We'll also send you Hackney business charter promotional material, invitations to networking opportunities and events and involve you in everything that's happening in the business community in Hackney.

Businesses with charter status


PEER is an innovative art gallery and education workshop, committed to making the experience of extraordinary art a normal part of daily life.

Located by Hoxton Market, exhibitions at PEER are viewed by more than 1200 people per week through its 10-metre length window, with many projects designed specifically so that they can be seen and experienced from both inside and outside of the gallery space.

The gallery has been fundraising and is now embarking on a project to improve the public area at the front of the gallery. Consulting with local community groups, PEER will create an inviting place for residents and visitors alike. The second phase of the project will see a new landmark feature, a freestanding pedestal clock with an illuminated display, which will act as a community notice board for cultural activities and art projects.

PEER engages with the community and has provided creative experiences through partnership working with local schools and community organisations such as St Monica's RC Primary School, Bridge Academy, Hackney Community College and The Sharp End elders group.

PEER provides employment opportunities for artists and young people. 50% of the artists who have exhibited at PEER live in Hackney and in the last five years, 100% of the artists employed to deliver education and outreach projects within the borough were Hackney residents.

PEER was awarded the VCS (Voluntary and Community Sector) lease in 2013 for its contribution to the local community through its partnership work with local schools and community organisations.

Visit their funding page to support them.

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