Community right to bid - assets of community value

Local voluntary and community groups have the right to nominate certain local publicly or privately owned buildings as assets of community value. 

If the Council accepts that such buildings further the social well being or social interest of the community and will continue to do so then it will include them on a local list of assets of community value. The Council will make its decision within 8 weeks of accepting a completed and valid nomination form. 

To find out more about the community right to bid, please read the information note

Nominate a building

Please read the guidance notes before you complete the nomination form.

Please submit the form, together with any supporting documents to: or post to: 

Strategic Property Services attn: Karon West-Clarke or Jackie Ruaux
4th Floor North
Hackney Service Centre
E8 1DU

What happens next? 

When an owner wishes to sell a listed asset the Council will need to be notified. The Council will inform the group which originally nominated the asset and publicise the owner's intention to sell on this website. 

If a local group wishes to buy the property it then has to formally notify the Council of its intention within 6 weeks. The Council will then delay the sale of the property by up to 6 months to give the group an opportunity to raise funding and conclude the purchase of the property. 

The owner will be free to sell the property if a group does not formally express an intention to buy to the Council within the 6 week period or if the subsequent purchase is not concluded within 6 months. 

The community right to bid does not:  

  • make any assumption that any listed property will ever be sold
  • give local community groups and organisations a first right of refusal 
  • restrict who the owner should sell the asset to
  • determine the price at which the asset can be sold
  • place any express restrictions on the owner's use of the land
  • imply that public funding will be provided to purchase the asset  

Assets will stay on the Council's list for a period of 5 years.

List of unsuccessful nominations

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