Sustainable community strategy

Hackney's sustainable community strategy is our shared vision for the local area for the 10 year period 2008 - 2018. It sets out our vision, our priorities and a set of outcomes around which all partners will be organising their business plans in the coming years.

All councils set out their long-term plans, to take into account the unique characteristics of each place and shape the locality they govern. Ours is unique to Hackney, playing to its strengths and addressing its needs.

The strategy's not a static document - it's a means by which we achieve our ends. This includes focusing on the six priorities in our work, learning more about how we address them and inviting residents and organisations to engage in the decisions that affect the area.

Refresh of the community strategy 2018-2028

We're in the process of refreshing the community strategy to set out a new shared vision for our borough for the next decade. Over the last 10 years, the local and national context has changed so significantly, that we need to take a step back and reconsider our aims for regeneration in the borough and the role for local public services in future. The key to developing a new community strategy at this point is to take account of the likely, fast paced population growth and ensure a shared community vision for the borough is in place.

The foundation of the new community strategy is the feedback we've received from over 4,500 residents through the Hackney A Place for Everyone consultation. The major borough-wide engagement exercise asked residents for their views on the huge change that Hackney's experienced over the past decade and we have now published the results of the consultation and our policy response to the key issues that were raised.

We've used the Hackney a Place for Everyone results to develop a draft community strategy. This new draft strategy has also been informed by local data and wider research and evidence on the local population, the economy, housing, development and thinking on the future of public services. 

We are currently consulting on the new draft community strategy with residents and partners until January 2018.

Three year review of the strategy 2012-2015

The Council and the local strategic partnership have carried out a three year review of sustainable community strategy 2008-18. The review aimed to help the Council and partners assess the progress we have made so far on our shared strategic priorities for the borough, it also provided our local strategic partnership with an opportunity to have a considered conversation about how we can best work together in future in a way that continues to improve outcomes for local people, given all the challenges facing the public sector.

The review is made up of four sections:

  • a cross-cutting update on urban growth and change, inequalities and cohesion
  • overview of progress against our six priorities set out in the strategy
  • an assessment of the local impact of key public policy changes
  • key recommendations and implementation

The review concludes that we need to remain focused on efforts on reducing crime and keeping our streets and public spaces cleaner and better maintained. We also need to build on our track record for improving council homes and investing in amenities so that there's a decent quality of life in local neighbourhoods. The review found that key outcomes have continued to improve in many areas and highlighted the need to maintain the focus on key mainstream services such as education. The review also proposes a number of new recommendations in relation to issues which require a sharpening of focus across the partnership, to keep us on track to achieve our original vision and priorities. These are:

  • managing growth and change
  • identifying and maximising employment opportunities
  • helping the long term unemployed move closer to employment
  • implementing the child poverty and family well being action plan
  • reviewing community engagement. 

We're working with colleagues to take these recommendations forward. 

Hackney: the next chapter

In June 2013 Team Hackney, our local strategic partnership organised an event to consider the key trends and challenges facing the borough. It identified shared issues and proposed solutions and actions so that residents can  benefit from the opportunities available locally.

State of the borough 2013 report - evidence, issues and opportunities

In July 2014 the Team Hackney partnership focused its annual partnership event on the theme of growth and change in the borough. This leaflet shows key trends in population, housing and employment in Hackney and views from residents on how the borough is changing.  

Cross cutting policy reviews to support the SCS 

As part of our work to make progress towards achieving the vision set out in the strategy, from time to time the Council and Team Hackney partners commission cross cutting policy reviews, usually where there are particular complex issues that we need to devise more effective approaches to dealing with together. There are currently three cross cutting reviews in this policy cycle which focus on worklessness, cohesion and child poverty. 

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