Dalston area action plan

The Dalston area action plan (AAP) is a comprehensive strategy for co-ordinated development and design that reflects local aspirations for the future of the area. It is a guide to balanced development and provides confidence and certainty to developers and other public sector bodies.  

The purpose is to establish the basis for shaping the regeneration of the area and to ensure the continued role of Dalston as a major town centre whilst respecting its unique character. The AAP has a strong focus on implementation and forms a statutory component of the local development framework.  

Current stage

The final version of the AAP incorporating the changes arising from the inspector's final report were approved for adoption by cabinet and Council on 17 December 2012 and 30 January 2013 respectively.

The Council would like to thank everyone who engaged in the various rounds of public consultation and the examination in public.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like copies of any of the documents please phone 020 8356 8038 or email ldf@hackney.gov.uk.

Dalston Quarter 

The opportunity 

Dalston's cluster of unique cultural, creative, community and third sector industries are major assets to the character of the town centre and play a key role in both attracting and sustaining significant regeneration opportunities and economic growth for the local area and across the borough as a whole.

The Council has a unique opportunity to embark on a journey to use Council owned sites and buildings around Ashwin Street and Dalston Lane to create Dalston Quarter, a collaborative part refurbishment, part development project to strengthen the role and presence of these industries and businesses to create a centrepiece of cultural and creative urban regeneration.

What sites in Dalston are being considered?

There are four main sites that could be improved:

  • site 1: Dalston Lane South
  • site 2: Ashwin Street West
  • site 3: Ashwin Street East
  • site 4: Abbott Street

See our map of potential Dalston Quarter sites [pdf, 14.55Mb] .

What's happened so far?

The planning framework for the Quarter is established in the Dalston area action plan (AAP). The AAP recognises the importance of the existing community, creative, cultural and third sector uses and seeks to retain and build upon these uses, which are considered to be major assets to the character of the town centre.

The designation of a cultural, creative and community quarter around Ashwin Street and Dalston Lane, as part of a balanced approach to land use in the town centre, received much local support as part of the adoption of the AAP in January 2013. 

Following a Cabinet decision in November 2015, the Council has been looking at a strategy to explore options to create the Quarter, including how we will engage with local people, organisations and businesses.

The first step involved completing some evidence base studies and using the findings of these, alongside engagement with local community groups and businesses, to work up number of draft principles in line with the AAP, which will guide any future development proposals for the Dalston Quarter.

The evidence base studies completed include a heritage survey, a structural and measured survey and a contamination and ground condition survey:

In addition to the above a report was also produced by some of the existing organisations in the Dalston Quarter, which highlights their contribution and social value to the area.

What's happening now?

The Council is gathering views from residents, businesses and community groups until 17 April 2017 on the draft principles which could shape the development of the Dalston Quarter. These principles, once agreed, would form the basis for any future development proposals which will also be consulted on at an early stage. 

For full details about the background to the project, the draft principles and the consultation process, see our consultation brochure and questionnaire [pdf, 515.92Kb] .

Have your say

Your views on the draft principles are important to us and will help shape our decision making. 

Have your say

You can also email any comments to deliveryteam@hackney.gov.uk or call 020 8356 1318 to talk to a planning officer.

Drop-in sessions

There will also be drop-in-sessions where you can talk to planning officers about the project in more detail:

  • 6pm-7.45pm, Thursday 23 March, at Dalston CLR James Library, E8 3BQ
  • 9am-1pm, Wednesday 29 March, at Dalston CLR James Library, E8 3BQ
  • 6pm-7.45pm, Thursday 10 April, at Hackney Town Hall (Room 132), E8 1EA 

What happens next?

Once we've analysed the responses, we'll use them to further inform the development principles. Any decision on how to proceed following this consultation will require a decision by the Council's Cabinet and you will be consulted again on any future proposals for development when they are at a draft stage.​​​​

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