European passport return service

The service is for applicants who have applied online for permanent residence or qualified person status and require a certified copy of a passport to be sent to the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

It ensures that:

  • the current passport of European Economic Area (EEA) applicants who have applied online for permanent residence or qualified person status are copied, certified and forwarded to the Home Office by Royal Mail special delivery   

When is the European passport checking service offered?

A walk in service is offered at the Hackney Registration Service, Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, Hackney, E8 1DY:  

  • Monday 9 to 11.30am
  • Tuesday 9 to 11.30am
  • Wednesday 9 to 11.30am
  • Friday 9 to 11.30am

Please note: waiting times will vary due to demand for this service.

Each walk in service can normally accommodate 12 applicants. The number of applicants accessing the service is determined by the number of applicants included on an application; ie where an application includes 2 applicants (1 adult and 1 child), this will count as 2 applicants Please note: when we reach our maximum capacity it will not be possible to offer this service to additional applicants on any day.

What is the cost of the service?

The cost of the service is £15 for each applicant using the service (as shown on the application form), plus the postage fee of all documentation sent to the UKBA by Royal Mail special delivery.

Please note that using the service is defined by any documentation, verified or otherwise that is submitted to The UKBA for each applicant (as shown on the application form).

How do I apply for permanent residence or qualified person status?

1. Make an application

Apply for a permanent residence card

Apply for a registration certificate

2. Within 10 days from the date of submitting an online application use the Hackney European passport return service during the walk in times listed above.

3. When using the service applicants should bring:

  • a printed copy of your submitted online application
  • a completed document checklist
  • the current passport used to apply for permanent residence or qualified person status. This will be copied and certified. The original passport will be returned to you. If you dont't have a passport and you are using an ID card, then the original ID card must be submitted with the application. The service does not photocopy or certify ID cards as The Home Office will not accept photocopies of ID cards as valid proof of identity as part of an application

If I use the service will my application be successful?  

We do not check application forms or supporting documentation for permanent residence or qualified person status. Using the service does not guarantee that your application will be successful.   

Page updated: 15/01/2018 14:33:24