Freedom of the borough

The freedom of the borough is the highest award that we can give and is an honour bestowed on few people. It is awarded to people and organisations who have provided outstanding services to the borough. 

Individuals granted honorary freedom of the borough and entered on the honorary freemen's roll

Lieutenant Colonel Roderick Morriss (2015)

The Council conferred the freedom of the borough on Lieutenant Colonel Roderick Morriss TD DL, The Representative Deputy Lieutenant to the London Borough of Hackney, on 25 February 2015. The award was given in appreciation and acknowledgement of his service as Deputy Lieutenant, a voluntary, unpaid position open to distinguished residents who have either served the local community or have a history of service in other fields.

Lt. Col. Morriss is well known locally for service to the local community through public life, charitable activity, voluntary service and the uniformed services. He is currently President of the Royal British Legion in Hackney, Committee Vice-Chair of the 444 (Shoreditch) Squadron Air Training Corps, Vice President of the London North East Scout County and President of the North East London Normandy Veterans Association which covers Hackney.

Councillor Saleem Siddiqui (2013)

At a meeting of the Council of the London Borough of Hackney, specially convened in accordance with section 249 (5) of the Local Government Act 1972 and held at the Town Hall, Hackney 30 October 2013, the Council conferred upon Councillor Saleem Siddiqui the honorary freedom of the London Borough of Hackney.

This was in appreciation and acknowledgement of the eminent service he has rendered with distinction as a Councillor of the London Borough of Hackney from 1990 to present.

3MI Battalion (2008)

The Council conferred 3 Millitary Intelligence Battalion (Volunteers) the honorary freedom of the borough in recognition and acknowledgement of the eminent services rendered by, and close association of, 3 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteers) to the Council.

This was also in acknowledgement that 3 MI Battalion (Volunteers), the only reserve force unit with a presence in the borough, recruits from the borough and seizes every opportunity to participate in the borough's activities.

Gordon Bell (2001)

The Council conferred Gordon Bell as freeman of the borough at a special meeting of Council held on 19 April 2001.

The honour was conferred in appreciation and acknowledgement of his eminent service as a Councillor from 1968 to 1971; a school governor including nineteen years as Chairman of the Governing body of Downsview School; a founding member of the local Community Health Council; a member of Hackney Hospital Management Committee and the City and Hackney Health Authority; Chair of the Hackney Association for the Disabled and Vice Chair of the Hackney Association for the Welfare of Old People and his active promotion of Hackney's Twinning links and as the Chairman of Stamford Hill Regeneration Board accordingly.

Full list

  • Lieutenant Colonel Roderick Morriss 2015
  • Councillor Saleem Siddiqui 2013
  • 3MI Battalion 2008
  • Gordon Bell 2001
  • Councillor Gerry Ross 1997
  • Councillor Joe Lobenstein MBE 1997
  • Dr Alexander Englehardt 1995
  • Matilda Anne Owen 1990
  • Councillor Robert Edward Owen 1986
  • Martin Ottolangui 1986
  • Edward George Henry Millen 1986
  • Councillor Robert William Masters 1986
  • Councillor John Kotz 1986
  • Councillor Max Marcus Feldman 1986
  • Councillor Alfred Alexander 1978
  • Councillor Arthur Super 1978
  • Councillor Miss Lilian Karpin 1978
  • Councillor Mrs Gladys M Shanagher 1978
  • Alderman Lady Sherman JP 1978
  • Alderman Sir Louis Sherman OBE JP 1978
  • Ernest Henderson Esq 1965
  • George Leonard Alfred Downing OBE 1965
  • Councillor George Ernest Silver JP 1964
  • Charles Richard Halerow Esq 1964
  • Mrs Mary Omerod CBE, BA 1964
  • Councillor Mrs Clarissa Gooch JP 1960
  • William Nichols Esq JP 1960
  • Monsieur Marcel Legras, Mayor of Suresnes Seine 1958
  • The Hon Arthur George Child-Villiers, DSO, DL 1955
  • Alderman Albert Cullington 1955
  • Councillor Walter Thomas Wayman JP 1947
  • Alderman Mrs Florence Helena Du Vergier JP 1947
  • Councillor Herbert William Butler JP, MP 1947
  • Councillor Giles Charles Burton JP, London County Councillor 1947
  • Alderman Henry Edwin Goodrich JP 1941
  • Councillor Walter Ernest Loweth JP 1934
  • Captain Sir Oscar Warburg, Knight Officer of the Order of the British Empire, Master of Arts, Alderman of the London County Council 1931
  • Sir William Ray Knight JP, Member of the London County Council 1931
  • Councillor Henry Charles Rawll 1931
  • Alderman Theodore Chapman JP 1931
  • Alderman the Reverend John Hillman 1928 


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