Healthier City and Hackney fund - public health community grant scheme

About the grants

In October 2017, the Council and City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) launched the healthier City and Hackney grant fund for 2018/19.

This new fund brought together two former grant funds, the CCG innovation fund and Hackney Council's healthier Hackney fund, to provide a scheme to make grants to help us achieve our joint health and wellbeing aims for communities in the City of London and Hackney.

We looked for solutions aligned with the four key themes of the fund, co-produced with City and Hackney residents and service users:

  • integrated services
  • confident and informed users
  • building independence
  • involving and listening to service users

The fund for 2018/19 is now closed.

Thinking of applying for 2019/20?

The application process for 2019/20 will open in October 2018.

Guidance and details, including timelines, will be provided in due course. The next section is for information only for prospective bidders.

The Healthier City and Hackney launch event slides [pdf, 1.94Mb] provide an overview of the scheme. If you have any questions about the Healthier City and Hackney fund, please contact

Hackney CVS, an independent voluntary organisation, are available to provide advice and support to VCS organisations interested in applying, and can also advise on developing any of the policy documents which the Council requires grant applicants to have in place.

For more information contact Hackney CVS on 020 7923 1962 or visit Hackney CVS.


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Overview of the application process

There was a two stage process for the Healthy Activities and Healthy Ideas streams as shown below. The outline for applying was:

  • in stage 1, organisations submitted a brief expression of interest outlining the premise of their bid. Expressions of interest were shortlisted, and successful groups are invited to present a short pitch to a panel
  • stage 2 was a longer written application form where applicants who passed the pitch phase provided more information on the project's outcomes, outputs and proposed budgets. A final decision was based on this application form

Overview of 2018/19 priorities

Healthy next generation

The healthy next generation stream offered grants of up to £8,000 for short-term projects or one off activities focusing on addressing the wider influences of childhood obesity, and particularly:

  • cultural attitudes on being a healthy weight
  • what a healthy weight is
  • what a healthy weight looks like throughout childhood

Healthy activities

The healthy activities fund offered grants up to £60,000 to run practical activities addressing a given priority health issue. The 4 priority issues for the 2018/19 fund were:

  • mental wellbeing at times of change
  • supporting disabled young people to be physically active
  • improving uptake of cancer screening
  • helping people to get home from hospital

Healthy ideas

The healthy ideas fund offered grants of up to £20,000, to develop and pilot a new approach to tackling a particular priority health issue. The 2018/19 priority issues were:

  • community-led approaches to multiple health risk
  • developing a 'Welcome Hackney Baby' offer
  • assistance with outpatient appointments
  • end of life care

Healthy neighbourhoods

As a consequence of the major changes to the fund for 2018/19, and the inclusion of the healthy next generation fund, the healthy neighbourhoods fund was not run for 2018/19. The healthy neighbourhoods fund will be reviewed before the launch of the 2019/20 programme.

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