Housing Moves scheme

Housing Moves is the Mayor of London's housing mobility scheme. It was set up to help people in social housing to move to other boroughs in the capital. It can be an ideal solution for you, if you

  • need to move closer to work or college
  • are looking for a smaller home
  • want to be closer to family or friends  

Helping social tenants to relocate

All council tenants and housing association tenants can apply under the scheme, as long as they have a secure or assured tenancy. Priority is given to:  

  • people who have more bedrooms than they need and wish to downsize
  • people in work or training
  • people who want to move to give care 

Housing Moves is a choice based lettings scheme. This means that once you have registered on the Housing Moves website, you will be able to see details of all available properties and express your interest.  

Housing Moves is separate from the local housing transfer scheme. So, if you are interested, you will need to apply direct to Housing Moves rather than through your landlord or your borough.

Your application form will be checked by your landlord before you can express an interest in properties.

Register on Housing Moves

A fresh start outside London

Our Fresh Start scheme enables you to move outside of London into private rented accommodation or sheltered housing (age 55 and over).

To join the scheme you must be a Hackney resident and either:

  • on the council housing register ('General' band and above) 
  • a council or housing association tenant

Permission to join the scheme may be refused if you are in rent arrears or have a history of anti-social behaviour. Contact our  Lettings Initiative Team for more details.

Seaside and Country Homes scheme

The Mayor of London also runs a scheme to help tenants who are aged 60 and over to move to other parts of the country from London.

Apply to move

    Cash incentive scheme

    Get paid for downsizing - households moving from properties with more bedrooms than they need, may benefit from our cash incentive scheme.

    We give grants and assist with removal costs if you are rehoused.

    Once accepted under the scheme, you will become high priority for rehousing by being placed in the 'Urgent' band. You will be are able to bid for properties advertised each week under the choice based lettings scheme.

    To find out if you qualify, contact the Council's Lettings Initiative Team using contact details on this page.

    Please note: If you currently underoccupy and are looking to downsize, be aware that some social sector properties are now let under at 'affordable rents', which are up to 80% of market rent levels.

    Due to the high levels of these rents, some households who accept these properties could be affected by the benefit cap, and have their housing benefit restricted.

    Before bidding on any property, always consider whether the benefit cap applies to you and whether you can afford to cover the shortfall on the rent. Use our welfare reform tool to find out.

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